April 6th, 2021

Electric vehicles (EVs) heavily rely on modern control algorithms to maximize range, increase efficiency and protect the battery pack against premature aging. Electronic control units (ECUs) in EVs rely on calibration data that accurately reflects the state of a specific vehicle. Modern high-efficiency inverters pose particular challenges when evaluating efficiency. Not only do modern inverters generate large AC currents at high voltages, but they also produce a large number of harmonics at high switching frequencies.

In this webinar attendees will learn how to perform accurate and reproducible power measurements for Electric Vehicle development.

Furthermore, we will show how the partnership between HIOKI USA and ETAS makes complex efficiency measurements simple. We will address the basics of ECU programming and explain why calibration is required to develop reliable control algorithms. We will explain how highly accurate efficiency measurements are performed and how to integrate efficiency measurement into the ECU calibration software via the CAN bus protocol. In a live demonstration, we will show how ETAS’s INCA software and HIOIKI’s PW6001 work together in evaluating the efficiency of a modern inverter.

This webinar is for developers of all types of electric vehicles (battery electric/BEV, hybrid electric/HEV, plug-in hybrid/PHEV, extended range/E-REV, fuel-cell/FCEV, etc.) developers of electric control units for electric vehicles, and test engineers/test technicians who need to accurately characterize the electric drive train of EVs.

Watch the April 7, 2021 webinar!