Have you ever applied a clamp ammeter around a wire only to realize that you can’t see the display?  Let's look further into viewing measured values remotely.

If you try to forcibly change the orientation of the clamp ammeter because you can’t see it, you risk damaging the instrument, and if you poke your head in so you can read the value, you risk electric shock.

One solution if you’re using an instrument that has functionality for holding the measured value is to remove it from the wire and then read the measured value.

What would if you want to measure a value that’s changing? An example of such a situation would be one in which the current is fluctuating. Since the held value is the instantaneous value at the time the hold button was pressed, using that value to make judgments is risky.

Viewing measured values remotely: This problem can be solved by using GENNECT Cross.

Let’s use GENNECT Cross’s general measurement function.

The clamp ammeter’s display is shown in real time in GENNECT Cross. There’s no longer any need to worry about the orientation of the instrument. Regardless of the direction in which the clamp ammeter is facing, you can read the measured values in GENNECT Cross.

Or maybe this situation sounds familiar…

Have you ever worked on the front side of a distribution panel while making measurements from behind the panel, or worked on one panel while measuring another? In both cases, you’d need two people to do the job if you’re only using a clamp ammeter: one to make the measurements, and another to do the electrical work.

But if you use GENNECT Cross, you can send measurement data to your mobile handset via Bluetooth® wireless communications, which means you can check values at some distance from the location at which they’re being measured. (The range is about 10 m, although it depends on the instrument being used and the surrounding environment.) GENNECT Cross allows a single technician to perform this task.