Service Quality

We back up our repair and calibration service with a three-point commitment to quality.



Expert repairing and calibrating

Specialized technicians with extensive knowledge and experience in repairing and calibrating Hioki products treat every instrument with the care it deserves.

Calibration in line with each product’s design

Thanks to calibration procedures that have been optimized by product designers, we offer exact and precise calibration as only a manufacturer can.


All standards are linked to national measurement standards, allowing us to issue inspection results in the form of calibrated values you can trust.

Peace of mind

After-sales support

If your instrument fails to operate within the specified measurement accuracy during the post-calibration accuracy guarantee period, we will readjust it free of charge. We also provide a complete warranty for repairs.

Inspection of accessories

We also carrying out comprehensive inspections of accessories, for example, by checking for wiring breaks in probes and verifying remaining battery life.

Advanced calibration capabilities

In addition to general repair and calibration work, Hioki is certified to perform JCSS calibration that is backed by international mutual recognition agreement (MRA).

Delivering solutions

Optimal proposals tailored for the customer

If calibration results indicate that your instrument may fail to deliver the level of performance described in its specifications, we will contact you with proposals for adjustment so that you can place an order without delay.

Less downtime

If a malfunction is discovered, technicians can repair your instrument as part of the complete calibration and servicing process, enabling you to enjoy total service with a fast turnaround.

Meeting customer needs

Hioki also accepts special orders for calibration work that includes performance criteria other than the standard, including requests for functional inspections and customer-specified calibration points.