Ver  Nov 27, 2015

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  • Application(


Windows Vista(32bit/64bit)
Windows 7(32bit/64bit)
Windows 8(32bit/64bit)
Windows 10(32bit/64bit)


This software enables the user to do follows from RESISTANCE HiTESTER RM3544 Series, PRECISION DC VOLTMETER DM7275 Series and PRECISION DC VOLTMETER DM7276 Series through the USB interface and the RS-232C interface.

 1. Communication test
  Detect connected instruments automatically.
  The transmission of any command and query and reply reception.
 2.Capture measurement data
  There are 3 functions, and each function can be applied to save measurement data directly into an Excel spreadsheet or as a text file(CSV format).
  (1)Obtain data by pressing the Enter key on the PC.
  (2)Obtain data via the External I/O TRIG signal of instrument.
  (3)Obtain data at specific time intervals. (logging)

Version Upgrade History

Ver.  (November 2015)
 Chang the sample application(Ver. about the following:
・Remove the limit of the number of an interval measurement.
・Add the function of saving temperature measurement values.
・Correspond to DM7275 series and DM7276 series.

Installation procedure

Double-click on the "HiokiRmLoggerSetup.msi" in the decompressed folder to begin installation of the sample application. Please refer to "readme.txt" how to use sample application.

Operating Environment

Windows Vista(32bit/64bit),7(32bit/64bit),8(32bit/64bit),10(32bit/64bit)


The copyright to the executable program file and associated documents is owned by HIOKI E.E. CORPORATION.
2.Conditions for use
This utility may not be bundled with software or other publications which are sold for profit without the express written permission of the copyright owner.
Further, this product may not be modified without the express written permission of the copyright owner.
3.Responsibility for use
This program is free software. It is provided for use at the user's risk.
HIOKI disclaims any and all responsibility for any consequences arising out of use of this software