Requesting Repair and Calibration Service

To request or make an inquiry about repair and calibration service, please follow the procedures below. Review the “Precautions” at the bottom of the page.

How to Submit a Request

When requesting service, specify the type of calibration you wish to have performed for your product. Review the “Precautions” at the bottom of the page.

  • Review the Repair and Calibration Service Terms.
  • To request repair and calibration service through the distributor from which you purchased your instrument, download the Repair/Calibration Request Form, complete the required information, and submit it along with the instrument to the distributor.

Repair and calibration quotations

If you require a quotation in advance, download the Repair/Calibration Request Form, complete the required information, and fax or e-mail it to your nearest Hioki distributor.
Where to Buy
Repair/Calibration Request Form

Inquiries about repair and calibration

To make an inquiry, click the “Repair and Calibration Inquiry” button below

Repair and Calibration Inquiry


  • If a product submitted for calibration services is found to be damaged, Hioki or your local distributor will contact you before proceeding (i.e., to inquire into whether you wish us to repair the instrument or return it to you). You will be responsible either for separately invoiced repair costs if you opt to have the instrument repaired or for a handling fee if you wish to have it returned to you (the fee varies by product). Contact Hioki if you wish to have your instrument calibrated at certain points or if you have other special requests. We are happy to provide a separate quotation for those services.
  • Depending on the nature of work that needs to be done when repairing and calibrating your instrument, we may format its internal disk drive, initialize its settings, or update it to the latest software version. It is strongly recommended that any individual settings and important measurement data be backed up before submitting the instrument for repair and calibration as inadvertent data loss could occur during work or transport. If your instrument’s internal disk drive is damaged at the time the product is received by Hioki, we will not be able to restore or analyze its data. We recommend frequent backups of important data and settings.