Version 1.85 Version 1.05  Oct 3, 2016

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  • SF1000(



1. Using this software, you can control Model 8423, 8430-20, LR8400-20, LR8400-23, LR8401-20, LR8402-20, LR8410-20, LR8431-20, LR8432-20, LR8512, LR8513, LR8514, LR8515, LR8520,LR8400-92 and LR8400-93 as well as perform data collection.
2. You can also display and print the waveform of a measurement file as well as print.
3. Waveform data can also be converted to CSV using this application. Please refer to the instruction manual for further information.

How to install

1. Decompress the download file.
2. Application software installation: Execute Setup.exe.

USB driver installation

1. For Windows XP (32-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit) or Windows10(32-bit) execute ”SetupDriver32.msi”.
2. For Windows Vista (64-bit), Windows 7(64-bit),Windows 8(64-bit) or Windows10(64-bit) execute ”SetupDriver64.msi”.

Version Upgrade History

Logger Utility : V1.85 Wireless Logger Collector V1.05 (Newest Version)
Added functions or features:
・The LR8410 Link function was supported.
・10 kinds of current sensors added to LR8513 was supported.
・Minor functions were improved.

Logger Utility : V1.84, Wireless Logger Collector V1.04
Added functions or features:
・The data file created by Android Tablet is now able to be imported in Wireless Logger Collector.
・Minor problems were improved.
Logger Utility : V1.83, Wireless Logger Collector V1.03
 Added functions or features:
・Compatibility to Model LR8432-20
・Minor problems were improved.
Logger Utility : V1.82, Wireless Logger Collector V1.02
・Minor problems were improved.
Logger Utility : V1.82, Wireless Logger Collector V1.01
・Minor problems were fixed or improved.
Logger Utility : V1.81, Wireless Logger Collector V1.00
 Added functions or features:
・Compatibility to Model LR8514 and Model LR8515.
・Added a new software, Wireless Logger Collector.
・Other minor problems were fixed or improved.
 Added functions or features:
・Compatibility to Model LR8512 and Model LR8513.
・Compatibility to read or write “hrp2” file format.
・Other minor problems were fixed or improved.
・Minor problems for the multi-file conversion function were fixed or improved.
・Split folder function was improved.
・Other minor problems were fixed or improved.
 Added functions or features:
・Now compatible to Windows 8.
・Compatibility to Model LR8410.
・Hard copy function.
・Display function of the alarm waveform.
・File combination.
・Multi-file conversion.
 Deleted funcsions:
・Unsupported to Windows 2000.
・Other minor problems were fixed or improved.
 Added functions or features:
・Compatibility to Model LR8431-20.
・The stability of the USB driver has been improved.
・Other minor problems were fixed.

・Resolved issue with data corruption that occurred when the application is operated while a text file is being saved.
・Other minor problems were fixed.
・The stability of the USB driver has been improved.
・Other minor problems were fixed.
 Added functions or features:
・The measurement results are now able to be transmitted to Excel simultaneously with measuring. (Real time transmission)
・Now compatible to Windows 7.
 Repaired bugs:
・When performing waveform calculation, if browsing a waveform channel not being displayed on the screen, there were cases where the value of the browsed channel was incorrect.
・When a waveform data file measured using LR8400-20, LR8400-23, LR8401-20, or LR8402-20 was loaded, there were cases where Alarm criteria set for Logic channel were not reflected correctly.
・When Scaling function enabled, the numerical calculation result of the Area value and Standard Deviation were incorrect.
・Other minor problems were fixed.
 Added functions or features:

・Compatibility to Model LR8400-20, LR8400-23, LR8401-20 and LR8402-20.
・Event mark information is now able to be copied to clipboard.
・Integral is now available as a numerical calculation. (The calculation method that we called Integral so far is changed the name to ”Totalization value”.)
・Regarding the page number to be printed as a fraction, the denominator has been changed to represent the actual total number of pages.
・Regarding one of the selectable conditions to set a search function, the name has been changed to ”variation” from ”slope”.
・When the numerical calculation result is copied to clipboard, the data to be copied is now enclosed in double quotation marks.
・Regarding the scale of gauge for waveform display, the figures after the decimal fractions have been omitted to increase visibility for screen display as well as print-out.
・When scaling function is set to OFF, the unit of the current measurement mode has been shown in the list of the display settings.
 Repaired bugs:
・When A and B cursors were displayed on the screen, if A cursor was moved to the most left side, and then B cursor was moved, A cursor might be jumped to the B cursor.
・When ’&’ was in the sheet name or comment, the letters after ’&’ were underlined and ’&’ was not displayed.
・When the host name was set after LAN was selected as the interface for the 8423, and then the setting information was received from the 8423, the host name was cleared.
・When repeat measurement interval was set to 32 days or longer in Repeat Recording setting, if the setting was sent to PC, the setting on the 8423 was restrained to 31 days.
・There were cases when not all of the event marks could be printed.
・There were cases when trigger mark was printed at the wrong place.
・When printing logic, if the time axis was magnified, the first data was always at Low level.
・When text-format data were saved after the number of data were reduced, if ”No split” was selected, depending on the reducing number of data, no data could be saved.
・When print was performed by specifying the page number, if non-actual page number was input, blank pages would be printed out or printing could not be stopped.
・When a long channel comment was input, if a cursor was displayed on the screen, forced termination would occur.
・There were cases when the wrong split time was printed out in countries or areas having a summer time system.
・When controlling multiple loggers, if pressing Stop button immediately after pressing Start button, there were cases when ”Stopping” was kept displaying.
・For the 8430-20, if measurement was performed using an alarm channel and then measurement was performed again after the alarm channel was set to OFF, the measurement file might not be saved.
・There were cases when scrollbar for waveform screen did not scroll smoothly.
・When a media was removed from the logger during real time measurement, the media capacity check on the screen did not updated correctly.
・When printing with no margin, the text was missing at the left edge.
・Other minor problems were fixed.
 Repaired bugs:

・The filter setting of the 8430-20 could not be saved to a file.
・When calculating the integration and area during numerical calculations, the offset level of the scaling was not reflected.
・Files saved by the 8430-20 containing an OFF Alarm setting could not be loaded.
・When specifying a waveform calculation channel as the target for the AB cursor, the B-A value was incorrect.
・When 5 loggers are in use, the waveform calculation settings could not be saved.
・Synchronized measurements by connecting multiple units of Model 8423 with the synchronization cable failed.
・When setting to reverse the display’s upper and lower limit values, waveforms that were input as over-range could not be properly drawn.
・When repeatedly printing a waveform that is set with many event marks, a resource error would occur.
・When selecting more than 600 channels of data to output into an Excel file, the application would abort.
・When entering significantly large values for the display’s upper and lower limits and then linking the two limits, the application would abort.
・With respect to calculated waveform, when choosing to calculate the ON/OFF time of the numerical calculation, and the results are displayed in point form, the value was found to be one point less than the actual value.
・Other minor problems were fixed.
 Added functions or features:

・Waveform calculation function
・Chinese instruction manual and installer (for Chinese version only)
・Improved communication stability when using Windows 2000 / USB1.1
・Reduced load on the waveform display during measurement
 Repaired bugs:
・Window Out search within the waveform search function sometimes failed.
・Waveforms were sometimes cut midway during its printing or display.
・Waveform files from the logger did not load correctly in European PC environments (due to the use of the comma as the decimal point)
・When measuring more than one day at a 10ms sampling speed and setting a specified interval to print, waveform positions were incorrect.
・When increasing the number of displayable digits for a channel, the numbers overlapped one another in the printout.
・In an English OS environment, the numerical calculation results did not fit within the column widths causing some numbers to be truncated.
・When external sampling is being used, the incremental width in the printout was incorrect.
 Added functions or features:

・Compatibility to automatic CSV saving with firmware version 1.10 or later.
・File name for saved text file will be the same as the respective waveform file.
・In a Chinese or Korean OS environment, the temperature unit when output as text will consist of a one-byte character for Celsius rather than a two-byte character.
 Repaired bugs:
・The sheet name could not be properly entered.
 Added functions or features:

・English instruction manual added to the English version of the application
(In the Japanese version of the software, only the version number has changed.)
 Added functions or features:

・Compatibility to Model 8430-20.
・Waveform printing function.
・Display comments for all gauges.
 Repaired bugs:
・When the top and bottom limits of the waveform display were significantly narrow or equal, the waveforms could not be correctly drawn.
・The screen display of the measurement range for pulse integration was incorrect.
・When using Windows2000, the menu in the Excel SEND dialog would not open.
・When multiple devices are registered and one is then deleted, the device numbering in the warning settings could not reconcile the change.
・When the pulse rotation number ration is not 1, decimal places could not display.
・When checking the clock on the logger and there is more than 1 day’s difference between that and the PC’s clock, the application would quit automatically.
・The settings for saving measurement data in intervals made at the logger could not be properly loaded.
・Even when the time difference between cursors is suppose to be a negative value based on the cursor settings, a positive value would be displayed.
・The IN/OUT settings of Window search within the waveform search function could not be properly reflected.
・An unforeseen thermocouple range was selectable in Model 8423.
・A portion of the cursor information display was shown in Japanese in an English OS environment.
・In the English environment, even when the text is set to output in Fahrenheit, Celsius would be output.
・In the gauge displaying the channels, when a channel is removed from measurement, the number of gauges was not revised.
 Added functions or features:

・Compatibility to Windows Vista.
・Ability to select text output.
・Addition of channel selection, between cursors, thinning, time axis format,and save format for transferring data Excel, as well as improvements in transfer speed.
・Compatibility to English Operating Systems.
・Compatibility to Model 8423.

Operating Environment

Windows XP(SP2 or higher) , Windows Vista (32-bit or 64-bit) , Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit) , Windows 8 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows10(32-bit or 64-bit)