Get the most out of your Hioki product over the term

Dear Valued Customers:

Thank you for choosing HIOKI. Below please find a number of requests to help ensure that you get the most out of your HIOKI product over the long term.


Prior to Using Your HIOKI Product

Before starting measurement, always check the instrument’s operating status and display for any anomalies or malfunctions. Verify that the instrument’s functionality and range have been set appropriately for the measurement target. Finally, bear in mind that while we do our utmost to design products to deliver an exceptional level of safety, it is not possible from an engineering standpoint to ensure safe performance for all types of improper operation.


As your HIOKI measuring instrument is used over the long term, its enclosure may become discolored due to the presence of dust or oil in the operating environment. Alternatively, its cooling filter may become clogged, or its internal components may be exposed to liquid contaminants, preventing it from delivering its original level of functionality or otherwise damaging it. If you notice that your measuring instrument appears to be dirty or damaged, it is recommended to have it inspected. HIOKI products contain numerous electronic components. Among them, electrolytic capacitors, batteries, and other parts have a limited service life, making degradation of performance over time unavoidable. Use of these products over extended periods of time may lead to leakage of electrolyte fluid and other liquids, resulting in corrosion of printed circuit boards inside the device or short-circuiting circuit patterns and causing the device to burn out. Similarly, the switches used in HIOKI products have a limited service life. As they approach that end of that service life, they may lose their “click” feel or activate in an unexpected manner. It is generally recommended to have devices inspected after they have been used for five to seven years or more.


HIOKI products incorporate I/O terminals, interface connectors, switches, adjustment knobs, buttons, and other parts. Long-term use of these parts may cause them to become loose, misshapened, damaged, or dirty, resulting in poor electrical contact. Continued use of the device under these circumstances may result in measurement problems, short-circuits, or other unanticipated conditions. If you notice these conditions or feel that your HIOKI product is not performing or operating normally, please have it repaired at the earliest opportunity.

Regular Calibration

Calibration is required in order to verify that your product can perform measurement properly within the defined range of accuracy. HIOKI believes that it is important for users of its products to determine the frequency at which their instruments should be calibrated based on their operating environment and on the importance of the measurements made with the instrument. We propose a guaranteed accuracy period for each product as a recommended calibration interval.

Availability of Servicing

Calibration is required in order to verify that your product can perform measurement properly within the defined range of accuracy. For measuring instruments that have a predetermined guaranteed accuracy period or recommended calibration interval, it is recommended to perform regular calibration based on that period or interval. Please contact your HIOKI distributor for more information about inspection, repair, or calibration service.