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The products listed below are discontinued and no longer available. Specifications provided in the catalog are for reference only, and may have changed since the catalog's printing. In addition, please note that the contact address for HIOKI E.E. CORPORATION indicated in some of the documents may not reflect the most updated information. Should you have any questions, please contact us at hioki@hiokiusa.com..


M-Ohm HiTESTER 3110-0119701130Not Available
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3110-0219910208Not Available
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3110-0319901130IR4016-20
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3110-0419910128IR4017-20
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3110-0519910208IR4018-20
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3110-1119901130Not Available
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3110-1219910208Not Available
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3110-1319901130IR4016-20
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3110-1419910128IR4017-20
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3110-1519910208IR4018-20
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3111199003293490
DIGITAL M-Ohm HiTESTER 3112198602IR4056-20/IR4057-20
DIGITAL M-Ohm HiTESTER 3114198602IR4056-20/IR4057-20
DIGITAL M-Ohm HiTESTER 311619890803IR4056-20/IR4057-20
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3117-1119981012Not Available
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3117-1219980210Not Available
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3117-1319980309IR4016-20
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3117-1419971030IR4017-20
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3117-1519971030IR4018-20
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3118-11200906113490
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3118-12200906113490
DIGITAL M-Ohm HiTESTER 3119-11200001143453
ELB HiTESTER 3121198406Not Available
PHASE DETECTOR 312219890522447789
VOLTAGE AND PHASE DETECTOR 312319970319Not Available
FIELD Hi TEST PACK 312419980219Not Available
FIELD Hi TEST PACK 3124-01198406Not Available
FIELD Hi TEST PACK 3125198406Not Available
PHASE DETECTOR 312620020702447789
EARTH HiTESTER 3150199802103151
DIGITAL M-Ohm HiTESTER 3204198602IR4056-20/IR4057-20
MEGAOHM HiTESTER 3450-1119971112Not Available
MEGAOHM HiTESTER 3450-1219990112Not Available
MEGAOHM HiTESTER 3450-1319970819IR4016-20
EARTH TESTER ER-309before 19803151
TESTER IR-305before 19803151
LAN CABLE HiTESTER 3660200701243665-20
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3451-1120100510Not Available
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3451-1220100510Not Available
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3451-1320100510IR4016-20
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3451-1420100510IR4017-20
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3451-1520100510IR4018-20
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3452-1120100510Not Available
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3452-1220100510Not Available
M-Ohm HiTESTER 3452-13201005103490
DIGITAL MΩ HiTESTER 345320121004IR4056-20/IR4057-20
DIGITAL MΩ HiTESTER 3453-0120120925IR4056-20/IR4057-20
DIGITAL MΩ HiTESTER 3454-1020120925IR4056-20/IR4057-20
DIGITAL MΩ HiTESTER 3454-1120120925IR4056-20/IR4057-20
DIGITAL M-Ohm HiTESTER 3454-5120110408IR4056-20/IR4057-20
VOLTAGE DETECTOR 3480-21201107133120
VOLTAGE DETECTOR 3481-21201107133120
VOLTAGE DETECTOR 3481-22201112263120
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