Calibration Documents

The table to the right lists different types of calibration documents and provides a description of each. Once you have verified which documents you require, complete the Repair/Calibration Request Form or provide your local distributor with instructions at the time of your inquiry.

Test report ※Document bearing Hioki product calibration and judgment results

Hioki’s approach to records of test results※
  1. The record of test results issued by Hioki includes test results for test parameters and test points that we have identified from the range of all test parameters as being particularly important from the standpoint of the instrument’s accuracy specifications. Just as we conduct rigorous shipment inspections of newly manufactured products to ensure they satisfy product specifications, we carefully inspect calibrated instruments.
  2. The information provided on the record of test results consists of representative data selected from all test parameters and test points. Based on evaluation testing and other data from its product development experience, Hioki guarantees instrument accuracy throughout the range for which the product’s accuracy is defined as long as the test results reflect an overall judgment of “pass.” Even if the overall judgment reflected in the record of test results is “pass,” we may indicate that adjustment or repair is needed if the instrument does not satisfy the product specifications for test parameters or test points not included on the record of test results.
Calibration certificate (English) ※Calibration certificate and statement bearing information about the working standards used and Hioki products
Traceability chartOverall※A diagram linking (tracing) Hioki’s products to standards and national standards
By model※A diagram linking (tracing) a specific Hioki product to standards and national standards
Standard calibration dataReference standardsHioki’s uppermost set of standard calibration materials (linked to third-party organizations)
Intermediate standardsSet of standard calibration materials positioned between working standards and reference standards
Working standardsSet of standard calibration materials actually used to calibrate Hioki products
Traceability certificate (special-order)A calibration certificate on which the information about working standards has been replaced with information about reference standards

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