4ch micro current model – perfect for automated-systems integration

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SM74204ch, Dedicated micro current measurement

Note: Measurement leads are not included. Purchase the appropriate lead option for your application separately.

USB 2.0


The Hioki SM Series Super Megohm Meters are high resistance and ultra low current inspection devices with a 0.1 fA resolution to offer precise testing on production lines.  The SM7420 is industry's fastest 4-channel simultaneous super megohm meter that supports applications for improving the productivity of passive components such as capacitors and filters.

• 300 times better noise resistance
• 6000 ps/minute - ideal for mass production
• Channel-independent low capacity contact check
• Perfect for equipping on automated machines
• Max. 2 × 10^19 Ω display
• Min. 0.1 fA resolution
• Built-in EXT I/O, RS-232C, GP-IB and USB

4CH Microcurrent Measurement SUPER MEGOHM METER SM7420

Characteristics of the MLCC Leakage Current Test System
This high-speed test system combines the 4ch microcurrent SUPER MEGOHM METER SM7420 with an external power source, or the 8ch SUPER MEGOHM METER SM7810, developed for leakage current tests, with a 32ch output POWER SUPPLY UNIT SM7860.
Perfect for equipping on automated machines, use this to construct the fastest MLCC leakage current inspection line.



High-Performance Contact Checks

[Low capacity contact checks]
The SM7420 is equipped with contact checks that can identify low-capacity capacitors of only a few pF as well as measured objects with a small capacitance.
(Reference value: 0.1 pF to 99.99 pF)

[CH independent contact checks]
The SM7420 using an external power source enables check frequencies and delay settings to be changed for each measurement channel, achieving detailed settings that match the line design.



1/60 Variability, 300x Noise Resistance

Stability (repeatability) against power supply noise and external noise has improved dramatically due to a combination of new Super Megohm floating circuitry and triaxial connectors.
Variability in normal usage environments is reduced to 1/60 compared to previous models, and to 1/300* in conditions where 50 V noise is applied.



Basic specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year, Post-adjustment accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)

Number of channels4ch
DC current measurement20 pA range (0.1 fA resolution), Accuracy: ±(2.0 % of rdg. +30 dgt.)
200 pA range (1.0 fA resolution), Accuracy: ±(1.0 % of rdg. +30 dgt.)
2 nA range (10 fA resolution), Accuracy: ±(0.5 % of rdg. +20 dgt.)
20 nA range (100 fA resolution), Accuracy: ±(0.5 % of rdg. +10 dgt.)
200 nA range (1 pA resolution), Accuracy: ±(0.5 % of rdg. +10 dgt.)
2 μA range (10 pA resolution), Accuracy: ±(0.5 % of rdg. +10 dgt.)
20 μA range (100 pA resolution), Accuracy: ±(0.5 % of rdg. +10 dgt.)
200 μA range (1 nA resolution), Accuracy: ±(0.5 % of rdg. +10 dgt.)
*2 mA range (1 nA resolution), Accuracy: ±(0.5 % of rdg. +30 dgt.)
(1) Measurement speed SLOW2 (internal integration time 13PLC)
(2) At a temperature of 23 °C ±5 °C with humidity of 85% rh
(3) 2 mA range (Measurement speed FAST only)
Resistance measurement capabilities50 Ω to 2 × 10 ^19 Ω
Note: Resistance measurement accuracy is defined by the current range accuracy and voltage setting accuracy.
Measurement time settingDelay: 0 to 9,999 msec
FunctionsCH independent low capacity contact checks, CH independent cable length correction, CH independent jig capacity open compensation, comparator
DisplayLCD (8 lines of 30 characters), with backlight, high voltage warning indicator
InterfacesUSB, RS-232C, or , GP-IB
Power supply100 to 240V AC , 50/60 Hz, 45 VA
Dimensions and mass330 mm (12.99 in)W × 80 mm (3.15 in)H × 450 mm (17.72 in)D, 6.5 kg (229.3 oz)
AccessoriesPower cord ×1, Instruction manual ×1, CD-R (Communications command instruction manual, USB driver) ×1, EXT I/O male connector ×1


Catalog: SUPER MEGOHM METER SM7110, SM7120, SM7420

Declaration of Conformity



Measurement sensor



1.5 m (4.92 ft)

PC communication

*The 9151-02 is only for the RM3545-01



2 m (6.56 ft) length

RS-232C CABLE 9637

For the PC, 9 pin - 9 pin, cross, 1.8 m (5.91 ft) length

Drivers, Firmware, Software