32-channel Power Source Unit for the SM7810 Super Megohm Meter to Improve MLCC Testing Efficiency

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SM7860-03 100V AC power supply
SM7860-23 220V AC power supply

Note: The Power Source Unit SM7860 is produced to order. An output terminal connection cable*2 is required separately. Please contact your local HIOKI representative, or if you need to use a power supply voltage other than 100VAC or 220VAC. *2 Output terminal cable •Voltage output terminal connection cables are available in various lengths to suit HIOKI measurement systems. Please consult with your HIOKI representative.

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The SM7860 series allows for setting the dual-line output voltage on 8 channels or 16 channels, and enables up to 32-channel of output. The Hioki SM7860-03/-23 is a 32-channel, 500V power source for the Hioki SM7810 Super Megohm Meter, providing positive and negative polarities required for MLCC test lines.

Key Features

• Support for multi-channel systems up to 32-channel output
• 8-channels or 16-channels dual-line output voltage setting
• Positive and negative polarities required for the MLCC test line included in a single unit
• Output ON/OFF and current limitation can be performed for each channel
• Support for the discharge of the charge capacitor
• Output voltage of 1 kV is available
• Large current output of 50 mA */channel allows for reducing the number of backup charges
* Output voltage of 1 kV is limited to 10 mA/channel

Basic specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year, Post-adjustment accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)

Supported device Super MΩ HiTester SM7810
Object to which voltage is applied: MLCC (the Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor)
Generation accuracy Output voltage accuracy: ±2% of set value ± 0.5 V (with no load)
Inter-channel error: ± 0.01 V or less (between outputs on the same line with no load)
Interfaces GP-IB, RS-232C, EXT I/O
Power supply SM7860-01 to -07: 100 V AC, SM7860-21 to -27: 220 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 860 VA
Dimensions and mass 425 mm (16.73 in) W × 249 mm (9.80 in) H × 581 mm (22.87 in) D, 45 kg (1587.3 oz)
[SM7860-07 / -27] : 32 kg (1128.7 oz)
Accessories Power cable ×1, Instruction manual ×1, Voltage output connector L2221 ×4 [SM7860-01, 02, 21, 22] : ×2

Functions & output channel configuration*1 The resolution of the output voltage range is 0.1 V. *2 Only when the operating conditions as stated in the restriction warnings of the specifications are met.

OUT1 output content +500 V
OUT2 output content +500 V
OUT3 output content -500 V
OUT4 output content -500 V
Overview (Total number of channels and output voltage) 32 ch
±500 V
Line A Number of OUT1 channels 8 ch
Line A OUT1 output voltage range *1 1.0 V to 500.0 V
Line A Number of OUT2 channels 8 ch
Line A OUT2 output voltage range *1 1.0 V to 500.0 V
Line A Current limitation ±50 mA/ch
Line A Maximum output current *2 430 mA (200 VA)
Line B Number of OUT3 channels 8 ch
Line B OUT3 output voltage range *1 -1.0 V to -500.0 V
Line B Number of OUT4 channels 8 ch
Line B OUT4 output voltage range *1 -1.0 V to -500.0 V
Line B Current limitation ±50 mA/ch
Line B Maximum output current *2 430 mA (200 VA)




Bundled Accessories



Voltage output connector for SM7860

Measure the Leakage Current of a Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC) in High Speeds 

There are no drivers, firmware or software available for this product.

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