Meter Relays in ±2.5% Class with 1 µA, 10 mV DC Movement for Power Saving Measures and Automation

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Hioki Meter Relays are industrial 1-channel devices to assist in energy saving and automation implementations. The 2103 series are 1-channel ±2.5% class meter relays featuring a sensitive 1 µA, 10 mV DC movement and a customizable scale.

Key Features

• Ultra sensitive 1 µA, 10 mV DC movement
• Includes a display lamp to illuminate movement at a glance
• Relay action delays circuit closure upon power on
• Both power circuitry and relay built-in
*H-type: Lamp lights up and output relay contact operates at deflection of the needle to the right of the setting needle
*L-type: Lamp lights up and output relay contact operates at deflection of the needle to the left of the setting needle
*HL-type: Provides functionality of both H- and L-type models



Basic specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year, Post-adjustment accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)

Indicator shape φ 0.3 mm (0.01 in) pin
Accuracy class [2103H/L/HL]: 2.5 %, [2104H/L/HL]: 1.5 %
Setting accuracy Within 1.5 % of the full scale value (Independent of meter section)
Dead-zone width Within 0.5 % of the scale length
Indicator operating range Within the scale (passing indicator needle system)
Setting indicator (shape and color) Spear shape
H indicator (upper-limit side): Red, L indicator (lower-limit side): Green
Setting indicator setting range Within the all range of scale for both H and L
Minimum H/L space Within 3 % of the scale length
Delay time from power on Approx. 2 s
Relay contact structure One transfer for both H and L
Relay output response Approx. 0.5 s (time constant)
Max. current of relay contact 5 A (Under condition of 250 V AC, 30 V DC, resistance load)
Power supply 100 V/200 VAC (to be specified at the time of ordering) 50/60 Hz,
3 VA max.

User Guides

Product Showcase for the 2103/2104 Meter Relay Collection


METER RELAY 2103H,2103L,2103HL,2104H,2104L,2104HL [154KB]


Meter Relay Specifications Check List for the 2103/2104

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