Memory HiCorder MR6000

Highest Measurement Capabilities and Fastest Transfer Rate in History

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The MR6000 overcomes all barriers to reach new ground and meet challenges that are yet to be seen. World class specifications, operability and design – Hioki’s newest memory recorder has been re-engineered from top to bottom, delivering unprecedented performance that will change how you look at waveform recording.

Key Features
• Work efficiently and intuitively using the MR6000’s large touch panel
• Capture momentary phenomena by performing isolation measurement at up to 200 MS/s (when using the High Speed Analog Unit U8976)
• Enjoy a stress-free user experience thanks to dramatically faster saving of data
• Save data in real time while measurement continues.
• Take advantage of new functionality added by the latest firmware update (April 2020)

Model No. (Order Code)

MR6000Main unit only, input modules up to 8 units
MR6000-01Built-in real-time waveform calculation and other functionality

Note:  Main unit MR6000/MR6000-01 cannot operate alone. You must install one or more optional input modules in the unit.


USB 2.0
3 year


Firmware updates deliver enhanced ease of use in a broad range of applications

• The April 2020 update added new functionality. NEW:CAN/CAN FD measurement function NEW:Dual sampling function NEW:XY composite waveform function NEW:Waveform calculation function (period) • The February 2019 update added support for new units. NEW:3CH CURRENT UNIT U8977 NEW:4CH ANALOG UNIT U8978 NEW:CHARGE UNIT U8979 For more information, please check the MR6000 catalog.


Hioki MR6000 Memory HiCorder - Change the Way You Measure, Record and Analyze

The MR6000’s 12.1-inch capacitive touch panel facilitates smooth, intuitive operation by allowing you to select settings simply by tapping them and to zoom in on waveforms with standard finger gestures. Moreover, the Waveform Search function makes it easy to search large volumes of measurement data for the waveforms you wish to view. The instrument can also automatically search all measured data for anomalous waveforms.

High-speed isolated measurement at 200 MS/s

The High Speed Analog Unit U8976 boasts the highest sampling rate in its entire series, an order of magnitude faster than conventional models, enabling the unit to perform isolated measurement at 200 MS/s. Thanks to its overwhelmingly fast sampling speeds, the unit can accurately acquire changes in high-speed signals so that you can capture momentary phenomena.

Frequency band and isolated performance that let you accurately capture high switching frequencies

The MR6000 provides isolated channels that can accept 400 V DC direct input while maintaining high-speed sampling at 200 MS/s, allowing it to accurately capture switching waveforms in evaluation testing of inverter and power supply designs that are required to deliver high levels of efficiency. Smooth operation lets you read trace values simply by flicking the flicking the cursor to the side.

Completely isolated input

Connections between analog input channels, and between the input channel and the main unit, are fully isolated. This means that, unlike an oscilloscope, measurements can be made without concern with negative effects from potential differences. << Optical isolation devices (HIGH SPEED ANALOG UNIT U8976)

Save Time Reduced to 1/30th

Transferring very large amounts of data measured over a long period of time used to be very time-consuming. The MR6000 features a brand new interface and faster internal processing, reducing the time required to save measurement data to media. For example, a save operation that took 1 minute on the previous model now completes in 2 seconds. This saves you the trouble of waiting for data to be saved and improves work efficiency.

Long-term recording and high-speed sampling in multiple channels

The real-time save function controls the available measurement duration without relying on the capacity of the internal memory. For long-term recording, we recommend a high-capacity SSD or HD unit. You can also use a more convenient USB memory stick or SD memory card. All phenomena can be recorded at a high sampling rate over a long period of time. 《Saving data directly to your PC》 Transfer measurement data directly to your PC by using the FTP sending function together with the real-time save function. This makes it easier to observe data after the measuring process.

An Extensive Line of Units for Detecting a Wide Range of Phenomena

Combine multiple units to record a range of phenomena. Use multiple logic units to measure relay ON/OFF signals or PLC (programmable logic controller) signals across up to 128 channels simultaneously. You can also measure temperature by attaching a thermocouple to a temperature unit. 《Unit selection guide》 HIGH SPEED ANALOG UNIT U8976 ANALOG UNIT 8966 4CH ANALOG UNIT U8975 4CH ANALOG UNIT U8978 HIGH RESOLUTION UNIT 8968 DC/RMS UNIT 8972 HIGH VOLTAGE UNIT U8974 DIGITAL VOLTMETER UNIT MR8990 3CH CURRENT UNIT U8977 CURRENT UNIT 8971 TEMP UNIT 8967 STRAIN UNIT U8969 FREQ UNIT 8970 CHARGE UNIT U8979 LOGIC UNIT 8973 See the “Options” tab of the MR6000 webpage for more information about units.

High-sensitivity, high-precision, broadband current probes and sensors

《Current probe》 Analyze minuscule current waveforms from low-power consumption devices in 100 μA resolution. Record device current consumption waveforms in high resolution over extended periods of time. Additionally, the optional Probe Power Unit Z5021 can supply power to current probes from the MR6000. 《Current sensor》 Clamp-type high-accuracy sensors deliver excellent temperature characteristics, allowing highly accurate measurements to be made even in the confined space of a vehicle’s engine compartment. The 3ch Current Unit U8977 lets you connect current sensors directly, allowing the MR6000 to power them and scale readings automatically.