Free Smartphone and Tablet App Connects to Hioki Instruments – Record Data and Create Reports

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GENNECT CROSS is a free app that connects Hioki instruments to your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth wireless technology. Simply pair compatible instruments like to your mobile device to easily record data and create reports.

Key Features
• Connect instruments to your smart phone or tablet
• Save all measured values on your smart phone
• Use the logging function to save measured values automatically at a set interval
• Use the simple oscilloscope function to view current and voltage waveforms on your smart phone (CM4372/ CM4374, and CM7291 only)
• Continuously measure the internal resistance and voltage of lead-acid batteries (BT3554-01/-11 only)

Model No. (Order Code)

SF4072Application for Android
SF4071Application for iOS
SF4000Free Application for Windows

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GENNECT Cross Special WEB site

A special website introducing the charm of GENNECT Cross has been released. We will continue to provide useful information such as functions, application examples, and technical information in the field.

Click here for GENNECT Cross special site

Four functions that let you link the app with a measuring instrument: Standard measurement

Touch the app’s [Hold] button to hold measured values and capture data by touching the [Save Measured Value] button. If connected to an instrument with a hold function, you can use the instrument’s HOLD feature to trigger the app to capture the measured value.

Four functions that let you link the app with a measuring instrument: Logging

You can specify a logging interval (from 5 sec. to 24 hr.) and then capture data while communicating with the instrument. You can shrink and enlarge graphs of measurement data on the handset. You can also display data for up to eight channels, and you can display statistical data.

Four functions that let you link the app with a measuring instrument: Waveforms

The simple oscilloscope function is handy if you think the measured values you’re getting may be anomalous. You can send waveform data such as motor starting current to the app by linking it to the instrument’s INRUSH function. *CM4372, CM4374, CM7291 only

Four functions that let you link the app with a measuring instrument: Battery

You can send data automatically to the app simply by placing the probes in contact with measurement points. This capability allows you to save linked measurements without needing to touch your smartphone at all. In addition, the app can automatically generate a PASS/FAIL judgment for the battery based on data captured from the battery tester. *BT3554-01 only

Creating reports in the field

You can manipulate measured value data and image data as selected from the data list to create a PDF-format report right there in the field. You can include a title, subtitle, recipient, author, and corporate logo on the report’s cover sheet.

SF4071, SF4072 Basic specifications (Free software)

Bluetooth(R) connectionBluetooth(R) 4.0 LE (N/A: Bluetooth(R) 2.1+EDR)
Supported OSSF4071: iOS 10.0 or later (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)
SF4072: Android TM 4.3 or later
Measurement data managementLocal, e-mail / cloud sharing
Report functionVarious template reports
Picture / Memo recordingOk
Measurement functionsGeneral measurement: Ok
Logging: Ok
Pass/Faile judge: Ok
Waveform display: CM4372, CM4374, CM7291 and CM3286-01 only
Battery: BT3554-01/-11 only
Detect electricity theft: CM3286-01 only
Harmonic measurement: CM3286-01 only
Lux measurement: FT3425 only


Catalog: GENNECT CROSS SF4071, SF4072


Compatible products

Last update: June 15, 2018



• Check deterioration of compact secondary up to large lead-acid batteries • AC 1kHz testing source • Finest resolution: 1μΩ • Send data to mobile device via Bluetooth® wireless technology (BT3554-01)


• AC/DC Clamp • True RMS • 20/600 A range • V, A, Hz, Ω, and other extensive measurement parameters • Inrush current • Max/Min/Avg/Peak • Wireless data download to a tablet or smartphone


• AC/DC Clamp • True RMS • 600/2000 A range • V, A, Hz, Ω, and other extensive measurement parameters • Inrush current • Max/Min/Avg/Peak • Wireless data download to a tablet or smartphone


• 5 ranges from 50 to 1000 V • 600 V AC/DC meter • 200 mA continuity check • Digital bargraph • Built in Bluetooth® Smart


• Easily inspect bypass diodes for open and short-circuit faults even in broad daylight • Easily test using the strings in the junction boxes


• Single-phase, 3-phase • Phase angle, power factor • Battery-powered • Bluetooth(R) connectivity with CM3286-01


• DIN 5032-7:1985 class B • 0 to 200 000 lx • Memory function • Built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology

AC/DC CLAMP METER CM4376 (Bluetooth)

• Easily get into tight spaces • 1000 A AC/DC range • V, A, Hz, Ω, and other extensive measurement parameters • Built-in Bluetooth (R) wireless technology

DISPLAY UNIT CM7291 (Bluetooth)

• Built in Bluetooth® Smart • Use with CT7000 series Current sensor • DCA, ACA, (DC+AC)A, frequency • Output to oscilloscopes: WAVE, RMS, PEAK, Hz • Power supply for single sensor

For the PC

Application for Windows



• Automatically pair with LAN-connected measuring instruments • Display acquired data graphically in real-time • Windows compatible

Create Reports with Illuminance Measurements during Building Inspections


Easily Deliver Reports on Insulation Resistance Integrity for Annual Inspections

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