90% Faster Data Generation, 93% Lower Line Stoppage Times

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The UA1780 enables high-quality test programs in a short period of time by using net information that has been reverse-generated from Gerber data and component information libraries, and delivers maximum performance when used in conjunction with Hioki’s new FA1240-50 flying probe tester.

Key Features

• No need for camera-based teaching
• No need to visually trace patterns under components
• Easy generation of high-quality test data without boards
• Support for the new FA1240 data format

Making the most of your flying probe tester

It's half true, and half untrue, to say that the ability to easily create data is distinct from the ability to easily test boards.
Being able to create data easily may have meant being able to test boards easily during the discrete era, but in creating the test data required by the FA1240, it is critical that creating accurate test data be a simple and easy-to-perform process.
By minimizing the difference between data that's good enough to operate the tester and data that's good enough to ship products, it is possible to minimize production line downtime (to allow for debugging and other modifications) and to ship products with peace of mind.



[Program,Test,Visualize] Populated Board Electrical Testing System

Hioki can prepare populated board testing system benchmarks if provided with the three types of data listed below.

[Program] FIT-LINE UA1780
[Visualize] FAIL VISUALIZER UA1782

When testing populated boards, it's essential to create accurate data, measure boards accurately, and identify defective locations accurately.



Specifications Overview

Included Installation CD, license key (USB), instruction manual (× 1 each)
*Caution: Computer, monitor, and other hardware not included.
Gerber data input functions Loading of Gerber files (RS-274X, RS-274D), aperture files, and drill files
Mount data input functions Loading of CSV files containing circuit names, layout coordinates, angles of rotation, shape names, and component names
Support for operations such as rotation and mirroring, and display of data such as mounting locations
Graphic editing functions Copying, movement, deletion, and other manipulation of figures
Component library registration functions Registration of component list displays and component size, height, and pin numbers; registration of test pin pairs, test modes, ratings (thresholds), and upper and lower limit values; duplication of libraries
Test data generation functions Reverse net generation, test point extraction taking into account components and patterns, automatic movement of test points underneath components, generation of open tests between adjacent pads, etc.
Test point confirmation functions Display of test points on a graphical screen
Test data output functions FA1240-50 files, 1240/1114 files
Data management functions Saving of databases and management of component libraries


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