Simple Circuit Analysis & Detailed Acceptance/Rejection Decision-Making
Firmware Upgrade for the IM3570

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IM9000Factory option firmware for the IM3570

Note: The IM9000 is not included in the standard package. To use the IM9000 function, specify the option upon purchase. Customers who have purchased the Impedance Analyzer IM3570 can add the Equivalent Circuit Analysis Firmware IM9000 function. Please contact your local HIOKI representative.


Hioki LCR Meters and Impedance Analyzers range from 1mHz to 3GHz devices to suit a wide range of applications in the testing of electronic components. The IM9000 is a optional firmware upgrade for Model IM3570 to facilitate Cole-Cole plots, simple circuit analysis and detailed acceptance/rejection decisions, adding value to the IM3570 to serve more advanced component analysis.

Key Features

• The IM9000 can automatically select the equivalent circuit model from the five typical models to minimize the differences between the measured values and the ideal frequency characteristics derived from the analysis results
• An acceptance/rejection decision can be made for the L, C, and R elements comprising a part and the resonance sharpness (mechanical quality coefficient)
• A detailed decision can be made on the elements using the resonance of a piezoelectric element or inductor

Basic specifications

Three-element modelEquivalent circuit model: Four models for Coil, Resistance, Capacitor
Measurement items: L1 (Inductance), C1 (Capacitance), R1 (Resistance), Qm (Resonance sharpness),
fr (Resonance frequency) / fa (Anti-resonance frequency)
Four-element modelEquivalent crcuit model: One model for Pizoelectric element
Measurement items: L1 (Inductance), C1 (Capacitance), R1 (Resistance), C0 (Parallel capacitance), Qm (Resonance sharpness or mechanical quality coefficient)
fr (Resonance frequency), fa (Anti-resonance frequency), fs (Series resonance frequency), fp (Parallel resonance frequency), fm (Maximum admittance frequency), fn (Minimum admittance frequency), f1 (Maximum susceptance frequency), f2 (Minimum susceptance frequency)
Other functionsSimulation: Enables displaying and comparing the ideal frequency characteristics graph derived from the analysis results or the values specified by the user
Comparator: Runs a comparator on the analysis results and outputs the decision results to screen, EXT. I/O
X-Y displayCole-Cole plot, Admittance circle display


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