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Resistance Meters

  • Efficiently and Safely Validate Battery Management Systems

  • Quantify composite layer resistance and interface resistance in Li-ion battery electrode sheets

    • Ideal for high-speed automated lines DC testing source 0.9 ms measurement time 0.1 ms integration time 0.1 μΩ resolution

    Wide Range 100 mΩ to 100 MΩ DC Resistance Meter with Low Power Resistance Mode for Testing Chip Inductors and EMC Suppression Components on Production Lines

    • For automated lines DC testing source 0.1 ms integration time 0.01 μΩ resolution

    10 mΩ to 1000 Ω DC Resistance Meters with 0.01μΩ Resolution and Strong Noise Immunity for Integration into Automated Production Lines

    • High-speed resistance meter ideal for automated lines; compatible with super-small electronic components Testing source: DC Fastest measurement time: 0.9 ms Minimum integration time: 0.1 ms Finest resolution: 0.1 μΩ

    High-Speed High-Stable Resistance Meter with Low-impact Resistance Measurements for Miniature 008004-size Electronic Parts

    • For both manual operation and integration with automatic lines DC, 300 mA max. testing source 18 ms measurement speed 1 μΩ resolution

    Wide Range 30 mΩ to 3 MΩ DC Resistance Meters with Temperature Correction for High Speed Testing on Production Lines

    • Featuring super-high accuracy and multi-channel capabilities DC, 1 A max. testing source 2.2ms measurement speed 0.01 μΩ resolution

    Wide Range 10 mΩ to 1000 MΩ DC Resistance Meters with Multiplexer Option for High-speed Multi-point Testing

    • Portable resistance meter measures from µΩ to MΩ DC, 1 A max. testing source Approx. 100 ms refresh rate 0.1 μΩ resolution

    Wide Range 3 mΩ to 3 MΩ Portable DC Resistance Meter with 0.1 μΩ Resolution for Equipment Maintenance and Quality Control