Product Categories

    • 8860: Max. 16ch Analog + 16ch Logic, or 64ch Scanner Unit 8861: Max. 32ch Analog + 16ch Logic, or 128ch Scanner Unit 20M-Sampling/s

    High-speed 16- or 32-channel Memory Recorders Offer Data Acquisition, Oscilloscope and Data Logger Functionality to Record Waveforms in Any Situation

    MEMORY HiCORDER 8860, 8861 Exclusive Academic Offer

    • Max. 54ch/16ch Analog + 16ch Logic 20M-Sampling/s 12-bit/16-bit A/D resolution

    High-speed, 54- or 16-channel Memory Recorders Provide Advanced Data Acquisition and Rack-Mount Systems Integration

    MEMORY HiCORDER MR8740, MR8741

    • Max. 32ch Analog + 32ch Logic
    • Max. 28ch Analog + 64ch Logic
    • 20M-Sampling/s
    • 16M to 128M-Word Memory (4ch)
    • 12-bit/16-bit/24-bit A/D resolution
    • USB, SSD, CF-card

    High-speed 20MS/s 32-channel Fully-isolated Memory Recorder Provides Simultaneous Data Acquisition Over 32 Analog + 32 Logic Channels

    MEMORY HiCORDER MR8827 Exclusive Academic Offer

    •  Max. 16ch Analog + 16ch Logic
    • Max. 10ch Analog + 64ch Logic
    • 20M-Sampling/s
    • 32M to 256M-Word Memory (2ch)
    • Waveform judgment function
    • 12-bit/16-bit A/D resolution
    • USB, HD, CF-card

    High-speed 20MS/s, 16-channel, Fully Isolated Memory Recorder for On-site Jobs and R&D

    MEMORY HiCORDER MR8847A Exclusive Academic Offer

    • Max. 16ch Analog + 8ch Logic 60ch scanner 500k-Sampling/s 16-bit A/D resolution

    1000V Direct Input, Portable 16-channel Memory Recorder for Data Acquisition During Vehicle Testing with Direct CAN Bus Input