Power Quality Measurement Guide

Measurement Guidebook

Basic Knowledge Poster

Helpful Hints for Measurement and Case Studies

Are you experiencing voltage drops on your power lines? Are you dealing with power quality problems and have difficulty finding the root cause of problems?

This measurement guide discusses the process and methods for monitoring power quality issues, including actual measurement examples and case studies.

Power supply network problems caused by poor power quality is a common problem for both electric power suppliers and users. However, it is not easy to identify whether the cause of poor power supply quality is at the supplier’s system or the user’s system. Based on this situation, power quality measurement is necessary to understand the actual cause of power quality problems as well as to consider and analyze for effective countermeasures.

Table of Contents (Guidebook)

  1. Why Do We Measure Power Quality?
  2. IEC61000-4-30
  3. Power Quality Survey Procedures
  4. Power Quality Parameters and Events
  5. Case Studies
  6. Recording Method of TIME PLOT and Event Waveform
  7. Terminology

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