Hioki is consistently striving to excel.  It’s evident in our technologies, our products and, of course, in our customer service.  We work hard to provide our customers with a level of customer service they won’t find from other manufacturers.  It’s important to us that every customer understands that their relationship with Hioki is ongoing and doesn’t end when they make a Hioki product purchase.  That's why we're proud to be introducing the Hioki USA Service Center.


The service center is here to support end customers by offering repair and calibration services performed exclusively by Hioki engineers.  This is a tremendous benefit for customers within this territory because it markedly reduces the waiting time someone would experience in the Americas when sending a product back to Japan for service.  Our customers can feel confident that the efficiency of our service operation has increased significantly with this new offering from Hioki.



Our current capabilities for calibration and repair in the Hioki USA Service Center extend to most Hioki products.  There are some specific items that must be sent to Japan for service, but we are working hard to expand our capabilities to include our full product line.  In the meantime, we can calibrate and repair the products in the following categories at this location:


If you’re looking for service or calibration services for your Hioki product, give us a call at 609-409-9109 and ask to be connected with our service center.

Hioki is always excited to go above and beyond for our customers.  Ultimately, our goal is to provide all our customers with the kind of experience that is worthy of their 100% satisfaction.  We’re hopeful that our new service center is an important step to achieving our ambitious objective.