Measuring Motor Weld Resistance

Test weld quality (check for weld defects) in rectangular wire stators using a DC resistance meter with high resolution and measurement accuracy.

Measurement Example

Rectangular Wire Stators

Rectangular copper wire that has been bent is affixed to the stator core, and rectangular wires from the same phase are welded together by a robot. Incomplete bonds can lead to latent defects due to insufficient weld penetration, cracking, and pinhole formation.

Testing Weld Quality with DC Resistance Measurement

Probes for detecting voltage contact both side of welding point. The RM3545 can measure resistance of welding. You can easily built measurement system by use the Z3003 multiplexer unit with the RM3545.

Since the Resistance Meter RM3545 can measure resistance at a resolution of 10nΩ in the 10mΩ range, the weld state can be judged on the basis of DC resistance values.

*Use the Temperature Sensor Z2001 with the RM3545’s temperature correction function.

Equipment Used



World-class Accuracy and Digit Count

・Measurement basic accuracy of 0.006%

・Display count of 6 digits

Accurate Measurement of Super-low Resistance Values Allows quantification of the status of rectangular wire welds, playing a positive role when testing in the field.
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Measuring Wide or Thick Resistors

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