Measuring Motor Coil Inductance

Measure winding inductance. Check phase balance, motor dynamic performance, RPM variations, and compatibility of the driver motor.

Measurement Example

Using Winding Inductance to Test Motor Performance

What can inductance tell us?
  • Phase Balance
  • Motor Operating Performance
  • RPM Variations
  • Compatibility of Drivers and Motors
Contact Check
Preventing erroneous measurement to ensure reliable testing
Cable Length: 4m
Accuracy is guaranteed for measurement cables up to 4m in length. Compatible with large equipment designed for use with motors
Labview Driver Available
Use in combination with other instruments.

Equipment Used



・DC and 4Hz to 8MHz (up to 10MHz special order available) measurement frequency

・Manage winding inductance values using the judgment function.

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Technical Article

What are inductors or coils?

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