Performing Motor Winding Maintenance

Perform impulse testing and use the results in motor winding maintenance and trend management.

Measurement Example

Check for Insulation Defects and Deterioration
Even If No Non-Defective Part is Available

On a standard, properly configured 3-phase motor, the phases (U,V,and W) are balanced. Consequently, the response waveforms obtained when an impulse voltage is applied between phases (U-V,V-W,W-U) will be almost identical.

By tentatively identifying the response waveform obtained from one phase as the waveform for a non-defective part and comparing it to the response waveforms from the other phases, you can detect insulation failures and deterioration.

Non-Defective Product Response Waveform
Example of Response Waveform Exhibiting Insulation Deterioration
Example of Response Waveform Exhibiting Insulation Short

Equipment Used



・High-precision waveform detection: 200 MHz, 12-bit resolution

・Quantification of response waveforms
(using a patent held by Toenec Corporation)

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Discharge Detection Function ST9000

Discharge Detection FunctionST9000

・Detection of discharges obscured by noise

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