LR8512 Wireless Pulse Logger and LR8513 Wireless Clamp Logger

LR8513 Wireless Clamp Logger

Data Loggers Simplify Wireless Capture of a Variety of Signals

Nagano, Japan

Hioki is pleased to announce the progressive rollout of its Wireless Mini Logger series of products starting in October. The company will launch the 2-channel Wireless Pulse Logger LR8512 and the Wireless Clamp Logger LR8513 first, followed by the Wireless Temp/Humidity Logger LR8514 and the Wireless Voltage/Thermocouple Logger LR8515 next spring.

The Wireless Mini Logger series enables wireless, real-time logging of data in remote locations when used in combination with the Wireless Logging Station LR8410-20, which was launched in mid-2013. With availability of these 2-channel loggers, it is now possible to record a variety of data types, including voltage, temperature, pulse integration, and current, in real time as part of a single time-series.

In addition, measurement application software that is scheduled to be launched next spring will make it possible to download measurement data stored on Wireless Mini Logger products to a smartphone, tablet, or computer wirelessly via Bluetooth technology.

Development Process and Background
In June 2013, Hioki launched the Wireless Logging Station LR8410-20, a multi-channel logger with Bluetooth wireless technology that is designed to be used in conjunction with the Wireless Voltage/Temp Unit LR8510 and the Wireless Universal Unit LR8511, which function as logging modules. Bluetooth wireless technology makes it possible to transmit data captured by the logging modules from remote locations in real time.

Hioki’s upcoming Wireless Mini Logger series products are also designed to be used in combination with the LR8410-20 to deliver real-time measurement of voltage, current, pulse signal, current, and other data as part of a single time-series from remote locations. Furthermore, bundled application software scheduled to be released in Spring 2015 will allow Mini Logger measurement data to be transmitted directly to a smartphone, tablet, or computer using Bluetooth wireless technology.

*Only Android™ smartphones and tablets are supported.

Principal Applications
* Electric energy measurement in equipment maintenance
* Automobile and transport system testing

Wireless Minilogger Series Features
1. Use with the LR8410-20 to transmit measurement data wirelessly with Bluetooth technology
Wireless Miniloggers feature Bluetooth wireless technology, allowing measurement data to be transmitted wirelessly from a position close to the measurement target to a remotely located LR8410-20 Wireless Logging Station. Since data communications are supported over a 30-meter line-of-sight distance between the LR8410-20 and the Mini Logger, measurement is possible even in locations where wiring would be difficult or impossible.

2. Use with the LR8410-20 to control and gather data from up to seven measurement units
One LR8410-20 can be connected to up to seven Wireless Mini Logger and LR8510/LR8511 15-channel logging modules. Since mixed use of Wireless Mini Loggers and logging modules is supported, multiple channels of data such as voltage and temperature variations along with electric energy can be measured as part of a single time-series.

3. No more worries about data loss if communications are interrupted
Even if communications are interrupted for some reason when data is being wirelessly transmitted to the LR8410-20, that measurement data is stored internally in the Mini Logger. Since transmission resumes as soon as wireless communications are restored, there is no need to worry about data loss.

4. Download data to a smartphone or tablet to improve measurement efficiency (coming next spring)
Users will be able to transmit Mini Logger measurement data directly to a smartphone, tablet, or computer by means of Bluetooth wireless technology using a free measurement application that Hioki plans to release next spring.

For example, large manufacturing plants often need to measure current, pulse, and other types of data in an extremely large number of locations as part of their equipment maintenance programs. Until now, workers had to manually transcribe data gathered from these measurement locations onto paper and then enter the measurement results into a spreadsheet. The ability to download measurement data to a smartphone or tablet from a remote location will free workers from these time-consuming tasks.

*Only Android™ smartphones and tablets are supported.

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