Hioki HMR Terminal

Wireless Application Streamlines and Enhances Analysis of Waveform Data

Nagano, Japan

HIOKI E.E. CORPORATION announces the development and release of the HMR Terminal to the App Store, a free iPad-only app that empowers users of the company’s Memory HiCorders to analyze waveform data on their tablets. Hioki is the first company in the industry to release a software tool capable of analyzing waveforms on a tablet PC. The app supports the MR8740 (54-channel model), MR8741 (16-channel model), and MR8847 series (with models capable of measuring up to 16 channels).

Development Background of HMR Terminal
Because Memory HiCorders are used to record multiple channels of high-resolution data over extended periods of time, they have always posed challenges in terms of how to best facilitate easy viewing of large volumes of recorded data. The volume of data generated by these devices continues to increase, with recent models capable of capturing 54 channels. At the same time, the method used to view waveforms, which typically involves moving to the location the user wishes to view on the instrument’s display, is essentially unchanged. Consequently, ever-larger amounts of time and effort must be expended in order to find and analyze areas of interest in recorded waveforms.

HIOKI developed HMR Terminal based on the concept of dramatically improving the efficiency of waveform analysis by taking advantage of the manner in which tablets such as the iPad, whose popularity has exploded in recent years, are used to radically reassess how users view waveform data.

Drag-based waveform scrolling and pinch-based zooming in and out allow users to view enormous waveform spaces in an intuitive, stress-free manner just as if they were interacting with a map. Once memorized, a diverse selection of gestures such as swiping in from the right side of the screen to display the cursor and flicking between screens offer such profound advantages in terms of ease of use and convenience that users typically find themselves unable to return to their previous practice of using the Memory HiCorder or a computer to analyze data.

Principal HMR Terminal Features
1. Intuitive waveform manipulation like a map app Just enlarging one portion of a waveform for viewing on a Memory HiCorder used to require an extremely large amount of time and effort. By empowering users to scroll freely and zoom in and out by manipulating waveforms on the iPad’s touch screen, HMR Terminal eliminates the stress of operations such as enlarging a waveform to view part of it at a high level of detail and zooming out to view the waveform in its entirety.

2. Simple display of measured values by freely placing measured value cursors Users can easily display as many measured value cursors as they wish by swiping in from the right side of the touch screen. Cursors can be dragged around and placed freely and intuitively anywhere on the screen the user desires.

3. Simple display of waveform data calculation values in list form Users can easily switch to a screen displaying a list of calculated values for the displayed waveform including maximum, minimum, and average values simply by flicking the screen. The ability to instantly switch to the screen of calculation values while viewing dozens of channels of waveform data streamlines analysis.

4. Quick, batch adjustment of channel positions Tasks such as grouping channels and aligning their zero-positions or tweaking the display so that channels do not overlap used to involve manipulating one channel at a time, making them extremely time-consuming. HMR Terminal lets users group channels intuitively simply by connecting their zero-positions with their fingers and then change the position or zoom factor of each, all at once. Users can also quickly and easily space channels evenly and position them as desired in the waveform space.

Detailed YouTube Video
Gesture-based operations and actual app functionality are easier seen than described.

For more information, please watch the following video:
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