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Hioki Launches Three Digital Multimeter Models

DT4254 Digital Multimeter DT428, DT425 and DT422 Series Digital Multimeters Lineup Lets Customers Select the Perfect DMM Based on Individual NeedsNagano, JapanHioki s pleased to announce the launch of the Digital Multimeter DT4254, DT4255, and DT4256.Developed and manufactured in the [...]

April 30, 2015|News|

Hioki Launches Wireless Fungal Logger LR8520

Hioki LR8520 Wireless Fungal Logger Data Logger Quantifies Likelihood of Fungal GrowthNagano, JapanHioki is pleased to announce the launch of the Wireless Fungal Logger LR8520.Hygiene management geared to prevent fungal growth is an important priority from the standpoint of implementing [...]

March 13, 2015|News|

Hioki Launches Battery Impedance Meter BT4560

Hioki BT4560 Battery Impedance Meter Instrument offers New Approach to Lithium-ion Battery EvaluationNagano, JapanHioki is pleased to announce the launch of the Battery Impedance Meter BT4560.The lithium-ion battery market continues to grow rapidly, and products must deliver performance and quality [...]

November 21, 2014|News|

Hioki Voltage Sensor PW9020 Receives 2014 Good Design Special Award

Hioki PW9020 Voltage Sensor Nagano, JapanHioki is pleased to announce that its proprietary Voltage Sensor PW9020 received a 2014 Design for the Future Award (Good Design Special Award) from the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.In presenting its Design for the [...]

November 18, 2014|News|

Hioki Singapore Contributes to Reforestation Efforts at Khao Yai National Park in Thailand

SingaporeOn October 1, 2014, Hioki Singapore, with the help of 30 local students and teachers from Subtai School in Thailand, planted 191 new trees in Baan Subtai, Khao Yai National Park, as part of Hioki’s Green Point Campaign.As a core [...]

October 24, 2014|News|

Hioki Launches Power Meter PW3335 with Compliance to IEC62301 for Standby Power

Hioki PW3335 Power Meter Measure AC and DC Standby Power at a High Level of PrecisionNagano, JapanHioki is pleased to announce the launch of the Power Meter PW3335.The need to further reduce power consumption has become a common issue in [...]

September 17, 2014|News|

Hioki Launches Impedance Analyzer IM7580

Hioki IM7580 Impedance Analyzer 1MHz to 300MHz Operating Frequency Nagano, JapanHioki is pleased to announce the launch of the Impedance Analyzer IM7580.As our society continues to become increasingly information-oriented, the speed of data transmission lines using technologies such as high-speed [...]

August 28, 2014|News|

Hioki Launches JIS Class AA and DIN Class B-compliant Lux Meter FT3424

FT3424 Lux Meter Instrument Measures Illuminance of LED lightingNagano, JapanHioki E.E. Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of the Lux Meter FT3424.Illuminance meters are used to measure the brightness of light sources. Illuminance is defined by JIS and other [...]

June 27, 2014|News|

Hioki Launches Two New High Precision AC/DC Current Probes

CT6841 AC/DC Current Probe Current testing directly in the engine compartment Clamp Sensors Offer High-Precision Measurement Over a Broad Temperature RangeNagano, JapanHioki E.E. Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of the AC/DC Current Probe CT6841 (20 A AC/DC rated [...]

June 12, 2014|News|
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