Hioki DM7276 DC Voltmeter

Instruments Deliver High Measurement Accuracy of 20 ppm (DM7275) and 9 Ppm (DM7276)

November 25, 2015 - Nagano, Japan

Hioki is pleased to announce the launch of the DC Voltmeter DM7275 and DM7276.

There is demand for high-accuracy measuring instruments for use in evaluating and verifying the performance and quality of lithium-ion batteries, the market for which is currently growing. The newly launched DM7275 and DM7276 deliver high measurement accuracy of 20 ppm (0.002%) and 9 ppm (0.0009%), respectively. Furthermore, contact check, binning, and other functions make the instruments ideally suited for use in developing and evaluating lithium-ion batteries.

Development Background
The market for lithium-ion batteries is growing due to the wide range of products in which the cells are used. Lithium-ion batteries utilized in electric and hybrid vehicles are subject to particularly strict performance and quality requirements, necessitating high-accuracy measuring instruments. Hioki developed these high-accuracy DC voltmeters to meet this need.

Principal Applications
* Development and manufacture of lithium-ion batteries
* Development and manufacture of electrical double-layer capacitors
* Development and manufacture of electric vehicles
* Development of various materials

DM7275 and DM7276 Features
1. High-accuracy measurement with a one-year accuracy guarantee
The DM7275 and DM7276 deliver a display resolution of 7.5 digits (+/-12,000,000 count) and measurement accuracy of 20 ppm (0.002%) and 9 ppm (0.0009%), respectively*. These levels of accuracy are guaranteed for one year.

*Accuracy of measurement using the 10 V range.
*Parts per million (ppm): Value as a proportion of 1 million; 1 ppm = 0.0001%

2. Contact check function
A break in a measurement cable or poor contact with the measurement target can lead to the shipment of defective products. To prevent such errors, the DM7275 and DM7276 provide contact check functionality to
inform the user of a cable break or poor contact. This functionality helps improve test quality.

3. Temperature measurement function
Both the DM7275 and DM7276 can measure the ambient temperature at the same time as DC voltage. A built-in temperature compensation function for properly adjusting voltage values based on the measured temperature enables testing to take full advantage of the DC voltmeter's accuracy, even when measuring targets that exhibit a high degree of temperature dependence.


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