Hioki CM3286-01 AC Clamp Power Meter

Instrument Offers Functionality to Help Users in Developing Nations Detect Electricity Theft

Nagano, Japan - March 27, 2017

Hioki is pleased to announce the launch of the AC Clamp Power Meter CM3286 and CM3286-01, the latter of which includes Bluetooth® wireless communications functionality. In addition to the ability to measure current, voltage, power, and other parameters, both instruments provide functionality for helping detect electricity theft, a major issue in developing nations such as the countries of Southeast Asia.

Development Background
Technicians responsible for maintenance and management of electrical equipment in buildings and manufacturing plants must measure parameters such as current, voltage, and power. Hioki has long supplied customers with AC clamp power meters for use in electrical work at sites such as these. The newly launched CM3286 series builds on the functionality provided by the previous product (the 3286) while adding the CM3286-01, which includes functionality for transmitting measured values wirelessly to smartphones via Bluetooth®, as a new model.

The CM3286 series also introduces new functionality for detecting electricity theft, an area where there is growing demand in developing nations such as the countries of Southeast Asia. Electricity theft, which is a serious problem in these countries, takes various forms, including modification of electricity meters, direct theft from power lines, and bribery of meter-reading personnel. The new instruments provide functionality to help users detect electricity theft in order to solve such problems.

Key Applications: Electrical work, maintenance and management of electrical and energy-saving equipment

Key Features:
1.  Fast measurement of current, voltage, power, and power factor
The CM3286 series can measure a variety of parameters, including current, voltage, power, power factor, frequency, phase order, and energy (via simple integration).

Principal measurement parameters
Voltage:   80.0 V to 600.0 V
Current:   0.060 A to 600.0 A
Power:     0.005 kW to 360.0 kW (single-phase)
               0.020 kW to 623.5 kW (balanced 3-phase/3-wire)
               0.040 kW to 1080 kW (balanced 3-phase/4-wire)

2. Transmission of measured values to a smartphone simply by holding the value (Model CM3286-01 only)
When the user holds a measured value, that value is automatically transmitted to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth® wireless communications. In addition, the GENNECT Cross app can be used to create simple reports (in PDF format) and to save measurement data in CSV format for later editing in Excel.

3. Assistance in detecting electricity theft
Electricity theft by the methods described below is a major problem in developing nations such as the countries of Southeast Asia. The CM3286 series provides functionality to help users detect such theft.

(1) Modification of electricity meters
Electricity meters display the amount of energy used, but they can be modified so that the displayed value understates the actual usage. The CM3286 series provides functionality for comparing measured values to the electricity meter’s readings, allowing such meter modifications to be detected.

(2) Direct theft from power lines
Electricity can be stolen directly by connecting the power lines running into the meter directly to the building, bypassing the meter. The CM3286’s ability to measure even small currents can be utilized to detect locations where electricity is being stolen directly.

(3) Illegal financial conduct with meter-reading personnel
Measured values and other data with the potential to provide evidence of electricity theft are managed using handwritten records. Consequently, it is possible for electricity users to bribe meter-reading personnel and arrange for this evidence to be suppressed. Used in conjunction with the GENNECT Cross app running on a smartphone or tablet, the CM3286-01 can create simple reports using measured values and information about measurement locations. The instrument also incorporates other mechanisms to prevent modification of acquired information, eliminating concerns about fraud.

4. Harmonic measurement (Model CM3286-01 only)
Used in conjunction with the GENNECT Cross dedicated app, the CM3286-01 lets workers send measurement data to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth® communications, allowing analysis of harmonics. (This capability is scheduled to be released in fall 2017.)

Bluetooth®, a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc., is used under license by Hioki E.E. Corporation.

The CM3286 Series will be available for delivery in May 2017.


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