Hioki SM7420 Super Megohm Meter

Instrument Facilitates Significantly Higher Productivity with Simultaneous 4-Channel Measurement

March 1, 2017 - Nagano, Japan

Hioki is pleased to announce the launch of the Super Megohmmeter SM7420.

The SM7420 is a 4-channel measuring instrument designed for use in evaluating and testing the performance of electronic components used in smartphones, hybrid vehicles, and other products. Compared to the previous iteration of this instrument (the DSM-8542), the SM7420 delivers twice the testing speed along with significant improvements in measurement reproducibility and noise resistance. In this way, it promises to boot the productivity of evaluation and testing processes.

The market for electronic components such as laminated ceramic capacitors, common-mode filters, and SAW filters is expanding as products such as smartphones, wearable devices, and hybrid and electric vehicles (HVs/HEVs) enter into increasingly widespread use. The performance of these components must be evaluated by measuring their insulation resistance during the production process.

Manufacturers producing large quantities of such components need to be able to measure large numbers of them quickly. Additionally, as automobiles incorporate capacitors with increasingly high breakdown voltages, manufacturers are seeking the ability to measure insulation resistance using high-voltage output in order to assess their performance.

It was in response to these manufacturer needs that Hioki developed the SM7420 as an instrument that would deliver twice the measurement speed of the previous product.

*Evaluation of the performance of electronic components (laminated ceramic capacitors, common-mode filters, SAW filters, etc.)

1. Four-channel measurement

Manufacturers of electronic components often seek to measure a large number of channels in parallel in order to increase the throughput of their production processes. Continuing a feature of the previous product (the DSM-8542), the SM7420 offers 4-channel insulation resistance measurement.

*Separate power supply required for measurement.

2. Twice the testing speed of the legacy product for shorter testing times
The SM7420 offers testing times as short as 6.7 ms (0.0067 sec.), making it twice as fast as the legacy super megohm meter. Shorter testing times mean higher productivity.

3. Improved measurement reproducibility and noise resistance for improved productivity
The SM7420 offers significantly improved measurement reproducibility and noise resistance compared to the legacy instrument. Variability exhibited by measured values resulting from a series of measurements made under the same conditions has been reduced to 1/60 the level of the previous instrument during normal measurement. In addition, variability has been reduced to 1/300 of the level of the previous instrument when 50 V noise is added during measurement.

In this way, the SM7420 facilitates higher testing productivity through more stable measurement.


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