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User-friendly Instruments Streamline Testing and Improves Efficiency

Nagano, Japan

HIOKI E.E. CORPORATION is pleased to announce the launch of the new Insulation Testers Models IR4056-20 and IR4057-20.

Considered a basic measurement tool, insulation resistance testers are essential when judging the safety of electrical equipment, for example during regular inspections and testing of indoor wiring in junction boxes. Drawing on its long history of providing insulation resistance testers, HIOKI improved and expanded upon the popular 3454 Series and 3453 digital insulation testers to launch two new instruments based on its assessment of customer needs.

In addition to improved response performance, the new testers deliver enhanced comparator (comparative judgment) functionality and notification of judgment results using light and sound, allowing operators to assess results at a glance. Thanks to these capabilities, the instruments yield significant improvements in work efficiency.

Insulation Tester IR4056-20 and IR4057-20 Features

1. Enhanced comparator functionality for instantaneous pass/fail judgments
The comparator compares measured values to pre-set reference values to make pass/fail decisions. Thanks to improved response performance, the IR4056-20 and IR4057-20 provide an instantaneous pass/fail decision when the test lead is placed in contact with a target.

Furthermore, the comparator function allows operators to assess pass/fail decisions based on light and sound cues. “Pass” conditions are signaled by a short beeping sound and a green LED, while “fail” conditions are signaled by a longer, continuous tone and a red-backlit measurement screen. When used with the optional Test Lead with Remote Control Switch L9788-11, the “fail” condition can also be easily identified by the lead’s red LED.

It is not unusual for technicians to need to measure more than 100 locations in a single building, so the instruments’ ability to generate a continuous series of pass/fail decisions will yield significant improvements in work efficiency.

2. Easy-to-read measured values
Most measurement targets consist of long cables that have already been laid in a facility. Consequently, insulation resistance readings are often unstable due to the effects of noise emitted by nearby electrical wiring and other sources of interference. The IR4056-20 and IR4057-20 employ a variety of measures to stabilize the display of readings so that it is easy to read measured values, even in challenging environments.

3. Improved safety for high-voltage output
The IR4056-20 and IR4057-20 provide functionality for generating high-voltage 500V and 1,000V output when testing high-voltage equipment. Normally, inadvertent application of a high voltage to a low-voltage device can damage the device. To protect against this risk, the new instruments provide functionality for preventing the application of unintentional high-voltage output.

Outputting 500V or 1,000V requires two steps: placing the function key in a certain position and then pressing a flashing key to cancel the high-voltage output lock feature. In this way, the instruments are designed to prevent inadvertent output due to mistaken function key operation.

4. AC/DC voltage measurement in anticipation of increasingly widespread use of solar power and electric vehicles
There is growing need for instruments capable of DC voltage measurement due to increasingly widespread use of solar power and electric vehicles. As a result, HIOKI designed the IR4056-20 and IR4057-20 with both AC and DC voltage measurement functionality.

5. Suitability for use in testing and inspection of electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and building electrical equipment
In addition to low-resistance measurement at 200 mA DC, the IR4056-20 and IR4057-20 support JIS C 60364-compliant insulation measurement of safety conductors in building electrical equipment and indirect safety contact testing in electric and hybrid vehicles.

Additional IR4057-20 Functionality
The IR4057-20 can display measurement results in bar graph form to facilitate a more visual judgment process. Additionally, the higher performance IR4057-20’s comparator function yields faster judgments than the IR4056-20 (approximately 0.3 seconds for the IR4057-20 compared to approximately 0.8 seconds for the IR4056-20).

Principal Applications

* Maintenance inspections of electrical equipment
* Maintenance inspections of building and manufacturing plant equipment
* Maintenance inspections of communications equipment and instrumentation
* Voltage measurement in solar power systems and electric vehicles

Established in 1935, HIOKI E.E. CORPORATION (TSE: 6866) has grown to become a world leader in providing consistent delivery of test and measuring instruments through advanced design, manufacturing, and sales and services. By offering over 200 main products characterized by safety and quality while meeting an expansive range of applications, we aim to contribute to the efficiency and value of our customers’ work in research and development, production and electrical maintenance. HIOKI products and services are available around the world through our extensive network of subsidiaries and distributors. Information about HIOKI is available at https://hiokiusa.com.