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Hioki Earth Tester FT6031-03

IP67 Dustproof and Waterproof

Earth Resistance Tester Boosts Efficiency With Features Such As One-Touch Automatic Measurement

Nagano, Japan

Hioki is pleased to announce the launch of the Earth Tester FT6031-03.

Grounding generally refers to the connection of electrical devices to the earth by driving an electrode into the ground. The resistance between this electrode and the ground is known as the grounding resistance, and it is measured with an earth tester.

The FT6031-03 delivers improved operability to streamline measurement work. It also features increased dust and water resistance (IP67) so that it can withstand use in dusty outdoor environments and washing with water when dirty. In addition, a redesigned measurement cord winder speeds setup and cleanup.

Need for Grounding Resistance Measurement
Grounding, which generally refers to the connection of electrical devices to the earth, is essential as a method for preventing electric shock when electrical equipment malfunctions or deteriorates over time.

Grounding is accomplished by driving an electrode into the ground, and the resistance between the electrode and the ground is known as the grounding resistance. For safety reasons, grounding resistance must not exceed certain standard values, making it necessary to measure grounding resistance in order to verify the safety of grounding installations.

Supported Measurement Methods
Class A, B, C, and D grounding work as defined in Article 17 of the Interpretation of Technical Standards for Electrical Equipment
(Revised December 24, 2013)

Product Features
1. Streamlining of work with one-touch automatic measurement and fewer supplemental grounding rod insertions

Previous products used a manual sequence of three operations to carry out measurement: (1) checking the ground potential, (2) checking the supplemental grounding electrode, and (3) measuring the grounding resistance. By contrast, the FT6031-03 performs these three operations automatically when the measurement button is pressed, streamlining measurement work.

When measuring grounding resistance, it is necessary to insert a auxiliary grounding rod into the ground. Due to narrow their narrow tolerance for the auxiliary grounding electrode’s resistance, previous meters required that the auxiliary grounding rod be inserted, removed, and reinserted into the ground numerous times in order to lower the auxiliary grounding electrode’s resistance and allow measurement in dry locations.

Since the FT6031-03 increases this tolerance by a factor of 10 compared to legacy products, the number of times that the auxiliary grounding rod must be inserted, removed, and reinserted into the ground has been dramatically reduced.

By enabling automatic measurement at the touch of a button and reducing the number of times the supplemental grounding rod must be reinserted into the ground, the new earth tester dramatically improves the efficiency of measurement work.

2. Improved dust and water resistance, making the instrument ideal for use in field measurement (IP67)
The FT6031-03’s dust resistance has been increased so that it can withstand use in dusty environments. Additionally, the meter’s water resistance has been increased so that it can be washed with water when it gets dirty due to having been placed on the ground in the field. The FT6031-03 delivers water resistance for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter.

The FT6031-03 is designed according to IP67 standards, which classifies the level of protection it provides from solid particles and water as defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Solid particle protection: Level 6 (highest level), indicating that there is no ingress of dust
Liquid ingress protection: Level 7 (second-highest level), indicating that there is no ingress of water when the enclosure is immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure and time

3. Standard convenient cord winder for faster setup and cleanup
Measurement cord setup and cleanup are a troublesome and time-consuming part of measuring grounding resistance. Specifically, operators must connect the instrument to an electrode that has been inserted into the ground with 10 to 20 meters of measurement cord. With previous products (see photograph at lower left), the measurement cord was simply wound onto a reel, making it necessary to lay out one measurement cord along the ground at a time to set up measurement and then to wind each cord back onto the reel afterwards by hand.

The FT6031-03 ships standard with two cable winders that can be held in a single hand so that two measurement cords can be laid out at once. Additionally, the reels can be spun to rewind the measurement cords twice as quickly as with previous products. In this way, both setup and cleanup can be accomplished significantly faster.

4. Robust (drop-proof) design capable of withstanding a 1-meter drop
The FT6031-03 features a robust, drop-proof design that can withstand being dropped from a height of 1 meter onto concrete.


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