Budget DMMs to Increase HIOKI Brand Penetration in Markets Worldwide

Nagano, Japan

Hioki E.E. Corporation announces the launch of the Digital Multimeter DT4211 and DT4212. The new products target overseas markets, particularly emerging nations.

HIOKI is currently working to firmly establish its brand in overseas markets as the sales component of a long- and mid-term business strategy dedicated to achieving business reforms to facilitate globalization. The DT4211 and DT4212 fit into this strategy as part of an effort to increase HIOKI brand penetration in global markets, particularly in emerging nations such as China, Southeast Asia, and India.

Fast-growing emerging markets demand measuring instruments that combine an extensive selection of parameters with safety and affordability. Both the DT4211 and DT4212 reflect this concept of multifunctional capability, safety, and low cost as required in emerging markets. HIOKI expects the DT4212, whose true RMS measurement capability allows it to accurately measure even distorted current values, to enjoy broad use in emerging nations, where sometimes an inadequate power supply environment poses difficult challenges.

Over the long term, HIOKI is committed to improve its brand image and brand recognition in emerging nations by introducing these two products and, ultimately, to fuel sales of other, higher-added-value offerings.

Target Markets
* Technicians who perform electrical work
* Schools and educational institutions (teachers and students)

Feature Available on the DT4212 Only: True RMS measurement
Currently, emerging nations face a challenge in the deterioration of the power supply environment, for example in the form of distorted current waveforms. Measuring such waveforms with mean rectification-type instruments yields readings that differ from actual values. Consequently, use of that type of DMM in the field while performing electrical work can lead to accidents, a reality that is fueling demand for true RMS instruments that are able to accurately measure even distorted waveforms. Thanks to its use of true RMS measurement, the DT4212 delivers this capability.

Features Available on the DT4211 and DT4212
1. Extensive measurement functionality to meet the need to test multiple parameters

In response to the need to be able to measure a large number of parameters with a single instrument, HIOKI equipped the DT4211 and DT4212 with an extensive range of measurement functionality, including measurement parameters such as AC voltage, DC voltage, DC current, AC current, continuity check, diode test, resistance, capacitance, temperature, and frequency.
2. Large screen for superior usability
Digital multimeters need to be small enough for single-handed use, yet at the same time they must provide a display that is large enough to be readable. The DT4211 and DT4212 feature a sizeable screen with up to 4,000-count display capabilities. Furthermore, a hold function can be used to freeze the measured value being shown on the screen.
3. Functionality for keeping the batteries from going dead during measurement
The new instruments deliver a continuous operating time of up to 800 hours. They also turn off automatically once they have not been used for a certain amount of time. Finally, the display indicates remaining battery strength so that it is clear when the batteries need to be replaced. These features ensure the customer’s ability to use these instruments with confidence and peace of mind.
4. Operating temperature range of -10C to 50C
To facilitate use in emerging nations where extreme temperatures may be present, the DT4211 and DT4212 deliver an operating temperature range of -10C to 50C.
5. Compliance with CATIII 600 V and CATII 1000 V measurement safety standards
The DT4211 and DT4212 comply with the CATIII 600V and CATII 1000 V standards for safe use of measuring instruments as defined by IEC 61010.
6. Three Year Product Warranty
The digital multimeters are guaranteed against defects for three years from the date of purchase.
7. Extensive probes and options to accommodate diverse measurement needs
An extensive range of probes is available for use with the DT4211 and DT4212, including contact pins with pointed tips, alligator clips, and magnetic adapters. Other options include a magnetic strap designed to hang the instrument from a distribution panel and a portable carrying case. HIOKI is proud to offer a selection of options that meet the full array of customer needs.

Established in 1935, HIOKI E.E. CORPORATION (TSE: 6866) has grown to become a world leader in providing consistent delivery of test and measuring instruments through advanced design, manufacturing, and sales and services. By offering over 200 main products characterized by safety and quality while meeting an expansive range of applications, we aim to contribute to the efficiency and value of our customers’ work in research and development, production and electrical maintenance. HIOKI products and services are available around the world through our extensive network of subsidiaries and distributors. Information about HIOKI is available at https://hiokiusa.com.