Hioki CT9667 Flexible Clamp On Sensor Series

Paired with Model PW3198 Power Quality Analyzer

New sensors are easy to install, even in confined spaces

Nagano, Japan

Hioki is pleased to announce the launch of the CT9667 series of flexible AC current sensors in mid June. The series includes small-diameter sensors with cables that are thinner than those of the previous product, allowing easy installation even in settings such as electrical equipment whose wiring is becoming more complex and intricate with each passing year.

Development Background
Hioki has long sold clamp-on current sensors capable of measuring current in a contactless manner from outside a conductor’s insulation. These offerings include flexible current sensors for customers who need to measure large currents on the order of thousands of amperes. The flexible design of these sensors not only facilitates safe measurement, but also allows the devices to be used with conductors that cannot be measured with clamp-on ammeters with rigid cores.

Efforts in recent years to miniaturize distribution panels and wiring components have led to an increase in the number of measurement locations with complex, intricate wiring. In turn, this trend has led to an increase in the number of locations in which previous Hioki sensors cannot be installed due to their thickness (cable diameter). Recognizing the need to reduce the diameter of sensor cables so that sensors could be used in even more confined spaces, Hioki developed the CT9667 series of sensors.

CT9667 Series Features
1. Smaller sensor cable diameter for greater ease of use in confined spaces and locations with complex wiring
In addition to the CT9667-03, which has the same cable diameter and measurable conductor diameter as the previous product (CT9667), the new series includes the CT9667-01 and CT9667-02, which both offer a smaller-diameter cable than the previous product. The new designs make it easy to install the sensors in even more confined spaces.

- CT9667-01: Cable diameter of 7.4 mm and measurable conductor diameter of 100 mm
- CT9667-02: Cable diameter of 7.4 mm and measurable conductor diameter of 180 mm
- CT9667-03: Cable diameter of 13 mm and measurable conductor diameter of 254 mm (same as the CT9667, the legacy product)

2. Improved environmental resistance
The CT9667 series features enhanced environmental resistance compared to the previous product in the form of a broader operating temperature range, and the CT9667-01 and CT9667-02 have earned certification under the IP54 standard for water and dust protection (flexible portion only; this level of protection does not apply to the CT9667-03).

* CT9667-01 and -02: IP54 (flexible portion only), -25C to 65C
* CT9667-03: No IP certification, -10C to 50C

The IP code is determined based on measurements and testing carried out in accordance with the IEC 60529 international standard.

CT9667-01 series IP code: IP5*14*2 (EN 60529)
*1: Indicates that the device is protected against ingress of dust sufficiently to prevent interference with normal operation and safety.
*2: Indicates that the device is protected against ingress of water such that water splashing from any direction has no harmful effect.

3. Compatibility with power quality analyzers and clamp-on power meters
The CT9667 series is designed to be used in combination with power quality analyzers and clamp-on power meters.

Supported HIOKI measuring instruments:
* PW3198 Power Quality Analyzer
* 3197 Power Quality Analyzer
* PW3360 Clamp On Power Logger
* PW3365 Clamp On Power Logger
* 3169 Clamp On Power HiTester


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