Hioki MR8905 Analog Unit

MR8905 with Memory HiCorder MR8875

Plug-In Module Supports High Voltage Measurements Up to 1000 V

Nagano, Japan

Hioki E.E. Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of the Analog Unit MR8905 to enhance the functionality and applications of the Memory HiCorder MR8875.

The Analog Unit MR8905 supports high-voltage measurement, a market segment that is characterized by increasing demand, and is required in order to record electrical signal waveforms. The device’s maximum terminal-to-ground voltage supports its use in CATII 1000V and CATIII 600V environments, and can also be utilized to perform AC RMS measurement.

Development Background
Recording instruments are essential tools in the development of electric vehicles (EVs), which increasingly are entering into widespread use, to evaluate motor performance. Since EVs incorporate large numbers of batteries, high-voltage measurement has become a necessity.

Another application involves equipment designed for use in emerging nations, where commercial power supplies tend to operate at higher voltages and exhibit greater voltage fluctuations than in Japan. Consequently, there are many examples of abrupt voltage fluctuations damaging electrical and precision equipment. Demand for high-voltage measurement in order to analyze equipment operation is increasing as manufacturers work to develop devices that can withstand these challenging operating conditions.

Hioki developed the Analog Unit MR8905 that directly accepts up to 1000V of voltage input to enable precisely this type of high-voltage measurement.

Principal Applications

* Evaluation of EV inverters and motors
* Evaluation of photovoltaic (PV) generation power conditioners
* Analysis of malfunctions of precision equipment and appliances such as air-conditioners and printers
* Analysis of malfunctions of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) input and output DC voltages

Product Features
1. Maximum rated terminal-to-ground voltage for use in with CATII 1000 V and CAT III 600V environments
Existing input modules provide a maximum rated terminal-to-ground voltage of 200V. Consequently, the MR8905 can be used with the MR8875 to measure 400V battery voltages during EV development.

Additionally, since up to 1000V can be measured in CATII situations, the device can meet the demands of supply voltages worldwide, allowing its use in analysis of malfunctions of electrical and precision equipment.

2. Two-channel measurement
A single Analog Unit MR8905 can measure two channels of voltage data.

3. Support for AC RMS measurement
Since the MR8905 can perform AC RMS measurement of voltages up to 600V, the device can be used in testing of power equipment, including:

* Characteristics testing of power equipment (load rejection testing, circuit breaker testing)    
* Measurement of 3-phase voltage and current as well as sensor output signals   
* On/off measurement of circuit breakers

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