MR8740 Memory HiCorder with 54-channel Capabilities

Meeting the Sophisticated Needs of EV Development

Nagano, Japan

HIOKI E.E. CORPORATION is pleased to announce the launch of the MEMORY HiCORDERs MR8740 and MR8741 and the DVM (Digital Voltmeter) Unit MR8990.

The new MR8740 and MR8741 meet increasing demands for multichannel measurement in the performance testing of electric vehicle inverters, motors, and batteries. Used in combination with the dedicated MR8990 DVM Unit, the MR8740 can measure up to 54 channels of DC voltage signals at high levels of precision and resolution. This approach can yield dramatic reductions in measurement times compared to conventional systems composed of multiple measuring instruments. Additionally, the MR8740 and MR8741’s measurement unit-based architecture saves space by making possible more compact systems.

By being able to measure 54 channels at the high speed of 20M samples per second, the instruments are among the top in the industry for manufacturing applications.

The DVM Unit MR8990, a measurement unit designed exclusively for the two new recorders, can measure minute voltage variations in applications such as hybrid and electric vehicle development. The input module, which delivers dramatic improvements in measurement resolution and accuracy compared to previous products, features the ability to simultaneously measure multiple voltage channels.

1. Simultaneous measurement of multiple channels for reduced measurement times
Testing of engine control units* and electric vehicle inverter, motor, and battery performance requires the ability to measure voltage across multiple channels. Whereas the current HIOKI lineup of MEMORY HiCORDERs offers measurement capabilities across a maximum of 32 channels, the MR8740 can measure up to 54 voltage channels. HIOKI is also offering the 16-channel MR8741 in response to demand for a more economical measurement solution.

Compared to the conventional approach of combining multiple bench-top digital multimeters, measurement times can be significantly reduced by using either of the new instruments in conjunction with the MR8990 DVM Unit (see below) to simultaneously measure multiple channels.

*A component that provides comprehensive, electronic control of engine operation.

2. Unit-based architecture for simpler, more compact systems design
The conventional approach to multichannel measurement, which relied upon measurement systems consisting of a combination of instruments such as digital multimeters, made large, complex systems an unavoidable aspect of this type of work. By contrast, the MR8740 and MR8741 use compact measurement units, making possible smaller, less space-intensive systems.

Additionally, the new approach frees operators from the need to concern themselves with complex wiring connections between multiple instruments.

3. Area judgment function for pass/fail judgments (MR8741)
The MR8741 features the same area judgment function that has been used by previous MEMORY HiCORDERs. Area judgment allows the operator to configure the instrument with a reference waveform judgment area in advance and then determine whether the DUTs waveforms fall inside the defined range during testing prior to shipment.

By using the area judgment function on production lines, productivity can be improved through automated testing while eliminating the inevitable ambiguity that accompanies pass/fail assessments made with through subjective observations.

DVM Unit MR8990 Features

1. High-precision, high-resolution measurement, including of minute voltage fluctuations
Engineers involved in development of motors and batteries for electric vehicles, the ideal customers for the MR8740 and MR8741, need to measure extremely small voltage variations. The MR8990 was developed to meet this need. With a maximum resolution of 0.1 μV for detecting voltage fluctuations, Model MR8990 is 30 times more sensitive than existing HIOKI products, making it possible to measure more minute fluctuations. Additionally, the unit delivers measurement accuracy of 0.01% rdg. 0.0025% f.s., an improvement of 30 times compared to other HIOKI products.

2. Simultaneous measurement capability for shorter measurement times
Since the MR8990 can measure DC voltages simultaneously across multiple channels, measurement times can be significantly reduced compared to the conventional approach of using measurement systems consisting of multiple instruments.

Principal Applications

* Testing of engine control unit and electric vehicle inverter and motor performance
* Testing of electric vehicle battery performance
* Testing of power equipment (load rejection testing, switch testing)

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