Meet Mr. Kuniaki Oba, HIOKI's resident top craftsman and past winner of the "Shinshu Master Craftsman" award presented by the Nagano Prefectural Governor, the first for our company in the category of Electric Instrument Manufacturing.  The award emphasizes Hioki Craftsmanship.  Mr. Oba is highly recognized in local industry for his excellent skills in soldering, fastening, crimping, binding, and other critical operations necessary for the manufacture of electrical measuring instruments devices, as well as his high intuition and ability to optimize the overall functionality of all of these techniques in the finished product.

The "Shinshu Master Craftsman" Award is an honor bestowed only to those who have outstanding skills and is regarded as the prefecture's leading figure in the field. The accolade serves to recognize the large contributions that master technicians have provided to society, as well as to advocate the continuous improvement of technical skills.

Since joining the company in 1986, Mr. Oba has honed his manufacturing craft and technique to greatly contribute to the ability of HIOKI to deliver premium quality products to the world.  As an in-house skills certification instructor, he is committed to providing guidance to young HIOKI technicians to pave their professional way to the future.   He is also in high demand among HIOKI's partner suppliers, who frequently ask for his guidance in perfecting product assembly and manufacturing techniques, methods in eliminating waste, and how to respond to changing materials and technologies.

Japanese manufacturing is known worldwide for its superb craftsmanship, no matter the industry.  In fact, the word "monozukuri," although on its face is a translation for "making of things", is a broader expression of the synergy of technological power, expertise, ans passionate spirit applied in the course of Japanese manufacturing.  Hioki is proud to be amongst our colleagues in furthering the practice of monozukuri in our everyday processes and relentless improvement of our capabilities, and equally proud of Mr. Oba's outstanding work and achievements.