Calibration is like a health checkup for your instrument

Because it verifies the condition of an instrument, calibration is like a health check.  Specifically, Hioki calibration services involve confirming the condition of an instrument at a particular point in time by comparing the ideal value indicated by a standard and the value indicated by the instrument being calibrated.


Hioki Calibration ServicesHioki Calibration Services

Failure to calibrate an instrument can lead to significant errors

No matter how high the quality of an instrument, measured values may deviate from ideal values due to the operating environment and method of use.  Calibration assesses that deviation, which can be corrected by adjusting or repairing the instrument as necessary.  Continued use of an instrument without regular calibration may cause the device to indicate measured values that fall outside the acceptable range.


Hioki Calibration Services


Where should you have your Hioki instrument calibrated?
Using Hioki Calibration Services


Calibration service providers differ widely in the quality and nature of the work they perform.  Hioki calibration services offer high-quality work so that our customers can use their Hioki instruments with confidence and peace of mind.


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