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In 2014, Hioki announced the launch of the Clamp On Power Logger PW3365, the world’s first instrument capable of measuring power safely and accurately without requiring the operator to make contact with a metal conductor.

Hioki developed the PW3365, the world’s first power meter to allow operators to measure voltage safely and accurately simply by clamping a sensor around an insulated wire, in response to the needs of customers who wish to measure power more safely. By equipping a power meter with a non-contact voltage sensor, Hioki made it possible to avoid the risk of short-circuits and electric shock when measuring voltage by conventional means.  Most importantly, Hioki never sacrificed the unsurpassed accuracy of its products while introducing this innovation.

Development Background and Process Currently, many companies are working to save energy, creating new opportunities for measuring power consumption. In the past, power measurement in settings such as large factories was overseen by workers with electrical knowledge and experience. However, as companies across the entire spectrum of sizes and industries are driving up the need for power measurement, such measurement is being increasingly carried out by workers who lack adequate knowledge and experience. Consequently, demand for products that enable power to be measured safely has been rising.

Against this backdrop, Hioki began developing a new product that takes a new approach to power measurement.

Advantages of Non-Contact Power Measurement Dramatically improved safety Prior to the launch of the PW3365, Hioki launched the Safety HiTester 3258, a non-contact voltmeter, in 2008. By applying the measurement technology used in the 3258, the company was able to develop a sensor capable of safely measuring the voltage in an insulated wire from outside the insulation. In this way, the PW3365 delivers a dramatically higher level of safety to operators by delivering non-contact measurement capability for current, voltage, and power.

Measurement Principles of the World’s First Non-contact Voltage Sensor The Voltage Sensor PW9020 used by the PW3365 is able to perform non-contact measurement as follows:  Inside the PW9020 is a metal plate that serves as an electrode, and when this electrode detects a voltage (potential difference) in the object being measured, a minuscule current flows to it. By generating a voltage such that this current is eliminated, the sensor can accurately measure the voltage in the conductor.  Basic accuracy data for t he PW3365:   Voltage: =/- 1.5% rdg. +/-0.8 V (combined accuracy with PW3365-20 + PW9020), Current: +/- 0.3% rdg +/-0.1% f.s. + clamp sensor accuracy, Active Power: +/- 2.0% of reading +/- 0.3% f.s. + clamp sensor accuracy (power factor = 1).  Measures between 90V to 520V.

Principal Applications
* Power management in factories and buildings
* Maintenance and management of electrical equipment