Data Logger Captures Multipoint Data from 105 Points Wirelessly

Nagano, Japan

Hioki E.E. Corporation announces the launch of the Wireless Logging Station LR8410-20, a multichannel logger with Bluetooth wireless technology, together with the Wireless Voltage/Temp Unit LR8510 and Wireless Universal Unit LR8511 measurement units.

Customers in the automotive, environmental, and new energy fields, which HIOKI has identified as priority markets, traditionally have made extensive use of multichannel loggers, and many have expressed dissatisfaction with the burdensome wiring requirements imposed by those instruments. In light of this unresolved need, HIOKI set out to develop a new data logger based on wireless data communication, specifically in the form of measurement units that measure data and a separate logging station that gathers measurement data.

The LR8410-20’s Bluetooth wireless technology allows it to gather data from measurement units in remote locations (with a range of up to 30 meters, line-of-sight). One LR8410-20 can control up to seven 15-channel logging modules. As a result, the instrument can gather a maximum of 105 channels of data at a recording interval of 100 ms (1/10 sec.).

The LR8410-20, LR8510, and LR8511 require less wiring, reducing the effects of such measurement environment characteristics as noise and improving measurement efficiency. Additionally, in enabling data to be gathered from multiple remote locations at once, these new products make it possible to take measurements that are part of the same time-series.

Engineers and technicians in the automotive, environmental, and new energy fields, which HIOKI has identified as priority markets, traditionally have made extensive use of multichannel loggers in the development of electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and solar power equipment. Today, the popularization of environmentally friendly homes has made it common to use such instruments in applications involving the measurement of energy savings.

For example, voltage and temperature data for a variety of locations is measured across a large number of channels in the development of electric vehicles. Conventional multichannel loggers require the routing of long cable runs throughout the vehicle interior if the instrument is to be located some distance from the locations at which measurements are being taken.

As another example, it has become necessary to measure the air temperature at air-conditioning vents, in attics, and outside windows in order to gauge the energy-saving benefits of air conditioning and other household systems. Customer feedback has indicated a high level of dissatisfaction with the burdensome wiring process imposed by conventional loggers when used in such applications.

HIOKI believes that by breaking a conventional logger into separate measurement and data-gathering components and using wireless technology to send data from the former to the latter, it is possible to eliminate burdensome wiring requirements and improve measurement efficiency.

Wireless Logging Station LR8410-20
Wirelessly gathers, displays, and saves data from the following measurement units:

Wireless Voltage/Temp Unit LR8510: Logs 15 channels of voltage and temperature data

Wireless Universal Unit LR8511: Logs 15 channels of voltage, temperature, resistance, and humidity data.

1. Wireless gathering of multichannel measurement data
The LR8410-20 features Bluetooth wireless technology, allowing it to gather data from remotely located measurement units. Data can be sent and received between an LR8410-20 and logging modules positioned up to 30 meters (line-of-sight distance) apart. This capability proves useful when making measurements in locations where it would be different to run wiring to connect a sensor to a conventional measuring instrument.

Measuring multiple locations simultaneously with a conventional logger requires long wiring runs connecting the logger to each sensor, raising the possibility that measurements could be hindered by wiring breaks and noise. The new HIOKI data logger both reduces and shortens wiring, helping to improve the measurement environment and boost measurement efficiency.

2. Gathering of data from up to seven measurement units with one LR8410-20
One LR8410-20 can control up to seven measurement units, allowing it to gather up to 105 channels of data.

Measuring a variety of locations with a conventional logger yields data with different time-series characteristics. However, since the LR8410-20 can control up to seven logging modules, it is possible to take measurements at multiple remote locations as part of the same time-series.

Additionally, the LR8410-20’s shortest recording interval of 100 ms (1/10 sec.) can be used with all 105 channels.

3. Easy setup with the Quick Set Navigator
The LR8410-20 incorporates HIOKI’s Quick Set navigator, which explains setup operations on the instrument’s display so that even first-time users can prepare it for measurement.

When the LR8410-20 is powered on, a simple operation causes it to automatically detect and register measurement units that are within its communications range. Even users with no knowledge of data communications can start taking measurements immediately.

The LR8410-20 also automatically detects and displays measurement units that are within its communications range.

Due to Bluetooth licensing restrictions, the LR8410-20 is only available to countries in the European Union, U.SA., Canada, and Japan (as of May 28, 2013).

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