Two New Series Designed to Meet a Wide Range of Customer Needs

Nagano, Japan

Hioki E.E. Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of five new DMMs consisting of the Digital Multimeter DT4250 and DT4220 Series that meet a wide range of applications ranging from HVAC, DC, R&D to field testing.

Hioki digital multimeters feature a product design that excels in operability and convenience grounded on customer needs and the company’s desire to provide customers worldwide with top quality products that are developed and manufactured in Japan.

Last December, Hioki launched the DT4280 Series featuring two DMMs that advanced functionality and designed for use in maintenance inspections of electrical equipment in buildings and manufacturing plants and in R&D work targeting inverters and solar power systems as well as associated maintenance inspections. Today, Hioki is further enhancing its line of digital multimeters by launching two new series--the standard DT4250 Series and the pocket-style DT4220 Series -- so that customers can have the opportunity to select the best instrument for their application needs.

1. Improved measurement response for increased measurement efficiency
The new instruments feature a DC measurement response time of 0.7 seconds compared to 1.5 seconds for previous models, delivering the fastest response times of any portable multimeter. Faster measurement means customers enjoy increased work efficiency.

2. Impact-resistant design including a drop-proof enclosure
Both series of instruments have been engineered for rugged dependability thanks to a drop-proof design that can withstand a fall from a height of 1 meter onto a concrete surface.

3. Backlit display to facilitate use in dim locations
All five instruments feature a white-backlit display to ensure that measured values can be read accurately, even in dim locations.

1. Easy operation for speedy measurement
The DT4251, DT4252, and DT4253 give users access to a range of measurement functionality by means of a simple knob. This ease of operation keeps measurement fast.

2. Display of multiple measurement parameters for speedy measurement
All three instruments can display voltage and frequency values simultaneously, delivering a high level of measurement efficiency.

3. Different models for different applications
Users can select from three available models according to the demands of their application.

* DT4251: Make current measurement with a clamp sensor; ideal for users for whom measurement safety is the top priority
* DT4252: Make high-precision DC voltage and 10A AC/DC measurements; ideal for users who require a range of measurement capabilities 
* DT4253: Make temperature, DC current (mA/μA), and other types of measurements; ideal for users responsible for maintaining instrumentation, heating, ventilation, or air conditioning (HVAC) equipment

4. CAT-compliant design for maximum safety
All models are CATIV 600 V / CATIII 1000 compliant, providing the optimal level of safety.

1. Compact design for maximum portability
The DT4220 Series features a pocket design while maintaining a high level of safety (72 [W] 149 [H] 38 [D] mm, 190 g). The combination of improved portability with an easily held design translates into improved usability in the field.

2. Different models for different applications
Users can select from two available models according to the demands of their application.

* DT4221: Automatic AC/DC detection and voltage detection functionality; ideal for users who primarily need voltage measurement capabilities 
* DT4222: Ideal for users who need to measure a variety of devices in addition to voltage, including resistors, capacitors, and diodes

3. CAT-compliant design for maximum safety
All models are CATIV 300V / CATIII 600V compliant, providing a high level of safety.

* Maintenance inspections of equipment in buildings, manufacturing plants, etc.   
* Research and development of inverters, solar power systems, fuel cells, and electric vehicles as well as associated maintenance inspections

Learn more about the DT4251, DT4252, DT4253, DT4221 and DT4222.


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