With utility-scale solar farms becoming a key part of the electric grid, a way to periodically monitor, maintain, and ensure your solar farm is producing the highest power possible is necessary. That’s why Hioki has put together the ultimate solar cell maintenance duo: the HIOKI CM4370 Series clamp meters and the HIOKI FT3700-20 non-contact infrared thermometer. Take photovoltaic measurements and use the Hioki FT3700-20 to accurately measure the hot-spot and automatically add the measurements to the photo, while using the CM4370 Series to measure solar cell voltage and current. Great things really do come in pairs! Get your complimentary FT3700-20 today from our E-Store or participating distributors.



Clamp Meter CM4370 Series

+ Complimentary

Infrared Thermometer





  • Promotion valid for a limited time only (Aug 25- Sep 30, 2021)
  • Applicable in U.S., CA, all parts of Latin American excluding MX