The Importance of Maintaining the Integrity of Electrical Distribution Panels

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Industrial electrical installations are very complex because they are designed to deliver power to a broad range of mission-critical equipment such as automatic controls, telecom systems, process machinery, HVAC systems, and lighting. It is extremely important that the distribution panels are regularly checked and maintained so that a smooth flow of power is available at all [...]

Measure periodic instantaneous voltage drops

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The PW3198 Power Quality Analyzer can be used to detect periodic instantaneous voltage drops.   Instantaneous voltage drops may be caused by the periodic start and operation of a heater or other equipment with a high inrush current connected to the power supply line.  Power Quality Analyzers like the PW3198 can analyze periodic voltage drops to [...]

Test for Abnormal Waveforms when Switching to UPS Power

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The Importance of Maintaining the Proper Operation of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) Industrial uninterruptible power supply (UPS) equipment helps protect important office equipment and plant machines against damage from sudden power failures, unstable power, or power supplies ridden with harmonics.  They serve as a power backup to your mission critical systems until the main power supply is [...]

Power Factor Correction (PFC) Capacitors Help Lower Electricity Bills

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Many utilities charge industrial and commercial customers a power factor penalty when their equipment draws power that is not put to its full use due to various factors such as non-linear loads or the use of induction motors that inherently exhibit low power factor. One way to improve power factor is to install power factor correction [...]

Safe measurement requires use of an instrument that suits the measurement location.

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To ensure an operators’ ability to use measuring instruments safely, IEC 61010 classifies the locations in which instruments are used into a series of safety-based measurement categories (ranging from CAT II to CAT IV). Using an instrument that does not satisfy the required safety level can lead to an electrical accident. Ensuring Safe Operation of the [...]

Ambient room monitoring at data centers

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In today’s technology-driven environment, the world is reliant on the functionality and availability of data centers. Data centers enable enterprises to run their businesses online and have information storage. Data centers also connect people regardless of distance through emails, Skype and social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. With the increasing use of Cloud services like [...]

Measure Irradiance and Temperature Wirelessly when Testing PV Installations

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Wirelessly capture data from an irradiation sensor and a thermocouple to properly plot the I-V curve of solar panels I-V Curves An I-V curve represents the current and voltage characteristics of a photovoltaic string, whereby a faulty panel can be detected by observing the shape of the curve. The best time to measure for the I-V [...]

Create Reports with Illuminance Measurements during Building Inspections

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The Importance of Emergency and Exit Lighting Emergency lighting and illuminated exit signs are an integral part of a building’s safety and evacuation plan. National and local fire protection and safety codes require adequate and reliable illumination for exits, and some electric codes also require specific illumination and performance of all emergency and exit lights. In [...]

Four Hioki Products Including the Memory HiCorder MR6000 Win 2018 Good Design Awards

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October 4, 2018 - Nagano, Japan -- Hioki is pleased to announce that the Memory HiCorder MR6000, Power Analyzer PW3390, AC/DC Current Sensor CT6904, and Lux Meter FT3425, all of which it manufactures and sells, have been recognized with the 2018 Good Design ward by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. Below are summaries of the [...]

Hioki Bundles Battery Tester BT3554 with Pin Type Lead L2020

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New Additions to the BT3554 Lineup Deliver Greater Convenience and Efficiency October 3, 2018 - Nagano, Japan -- Hioki is pleased to announce the availability of the Battery Tester BT3554-10 and BT3554-11 (with Bluetooth® wireless communication), which bundle the two versions of the Battery Tester BT3554 with the Pin Type Lead L2020, a test probe with [...]

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