New Functions Added to Memory HiCorder MR6000 and PC Application

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HIOKI has added new functions to the MR6000 Memory HiCORDER and the MR6000 Viewer application software for analyzing measurement data. The latest firmware can be downloaded free of charge from the following link. MR6000, MR6000-01 latest firmware download page   Main Added Functions 1. Power calculation function When an electric vehicle accelerates or decelerates, the power [...]

¡Sorteo de Hioki kit solar DT4261!

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Giveaway Kit Solar DT4261 ! Estamos regalando un Kit Solar DT4261 a un ganador en Latinoamerica y un DT4261 + P2000 en México. No es necesaria ninguna compra o pago para participar o ganar este concurso. Para participar: 1. Inscríbete en el webinar "Evaluación de los armónicos del sistema solar con un multímetro" ➡️https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/9516607621371/WN_dVd0mt_zQQaNdXVDBoHsuQ 2. Sigue [...]

Construya mejores celdas de batería más rápido

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Construya mejores celdas de batería más rápido ¿Ha estado buscando la tecnología perfecta para analizar la tinta (slurry) de electrodos? Cuando se trata de baterías, Hioki ofrece una variedad de herramientas únicas para ayudarlo a construir mejores baterías más rápido. ¿Qué es una tinta (slurry) y cómo se usa? La tinta (slurry) es una de las [...]

HIOKI to Launch Subscription Service in June 2022 providing software analysis to estimate mixture conditions in LIB electrode slurries

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HIOKI to Launch Subscription Service in June 2022 providing software analysis to estimate mixture conditions in LIB electrode slurries Hioki is pleased to announce a subscription- and cloud-based service for software analysis to estimate electrode slurry* mixture conditions based on electrical impedance measurement values. The new service, which will be available starting in June, is designed [...]

How to get a complimentary Hioki Infrared Thermometer FT3700-20 for solar panel maintenance!

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With utility-scale solar farms becoming a key part of the electric grid, a way to periodically monitor, maintain, and ensure your solar farm is producing the highest power possible is necessary. That’s why Hioki has put together the ultimate solar cell maintenance duo: the HIOKI CM4370 Series clamp meters and the HIOKI FT3700-20 non-contact infrared [...]

Hioki Launches Non-Contact CAN Sensor SP7001-95

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One-touch device simplifies capture of vehicle CAN signals Hioki is pleased to announce the launch of the Non-Contact CAN Sensor SP7001-95, a one-touch device that can be easily attached to, and detached from, CAN cables with one hand.  This revolutionary, non-contact sensor can detect signals on CAN and CAN FD networks in vehicles [...]

Lithium Ion Batteries and the Renewable Energy Future

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We need Lithium-Ion Batteries to make renewable energy viable. The transition from fossil fuels to renewables is a critical element in the fight against climate change, and the transition to a sustainable world. With the rapidly increasing share of our electricity being produced by variable renewable sources, the need to install and maintain a [...]

Hioki's current measuring instrument CT6877 and electric current measuring instrument CM4001 Series won the iF DESIGN AWARD 2021

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                                  Monday, April 19, 2021 - Nagano, Japan HIOKI E.E. CORPORATION Hioki was a winner of this year's iF DESIGN AWARD, the world-renowned design prize. The winning product, CT6877 / Current measuring instrument, CM4001 Series / Electric current measuring instrument, [...]

Facility to use 100% renewable energy starting on April 1

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Head Office Plant Completes Switch to Carbon-free Power Monday, April 5, 2021 - Nagano, Japan   Hioki’s Forest Hills campus Hioki is pleased to announce that its Head Office Plant completed the transition to carbon-free hydro-power for all operations on April 1, 2021. As a result, the Head Office Plant now uses 100% renewable [...]

How to build the EV of the Future: ETAS and HIOKI

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  ETAS + HIOKI invites you to our first joint webinar as we discuss the best practices on how to build the EV of the Future.   📅 To reserve your consultation with Hioki and ETAS Experts, click here. Click here to rewatch the presentation!     Electric vehicles (EVs) heavily rely on modern control algorithms [...]