Power Quality Analysis Tools for Effective Risk Management: From Generation to Distribution

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As we all are aware, energy is neither created or destroyed, it simply undergoes transformation from one type of energy to another. In today’s world of diverse energy sources. Electrical energy has clearly gained in popularity among alternatives because of its minimal impact to the environment. However, when we look at the different sources of energy [...]

New for 2019: Announcing the Hioki USA Service Center

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Hioki is consistently striving to excel.  It’s evident in our technologies, our products and, of course, in our customer service.  We work hard to provide our customers with a level of customer service they won’t find from other manufacturers.  It’s important to us that every customer understands that their relationship with Hioki is ongoing and doesn’t end [...]

LCR and Impedance Meters

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Impedance is a form of resistance that is necessary to resist and react to the flow of current in an AC circuit. Unlike resistors, which when used alone to manage the current flowing through a DC-powered circuit is rather straightforward, components in AC-powered electronics such as conductors and inductors manage the flow of current based on the operating [...]

Hioki Craftsmanship

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Meet Mr. Kuniaki Oba, HIOKI's resident top craftsman and past winner of the "Shinshu Master Craftsman" award presented by the Nagano Prefectural Governor, the first for our company in the category of Electric Instrument Manufacturing.  Mr. Oba is highly recognized in local industry for his excellent skills in soldering, fastening, crimping, binding, and other critical operations necessary [...]

6 Current Sensing Methods

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HIOKI is one of the few manufacturers in the world that designs and produces its own current sensors to pair with power analyzers, power meters and oscilloscopes. Even more remarkable is that our current sensor lineup is comprised of products that operate on 6 distinct current sensing principles, each with its own advantages and applications. The [...]

Hioki Launches 2000 A AC/DC Current Sensor CT6877

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Pass-Through Current Sensor Measures 2000 A AC/DC at High Precision, Making them Ideal for Evaluating EV/HEV Inverters that Exhibit Increasingly Large Currents   Hioki is pleased to announce the launch of the AC/DC Current Sensor CT6877, a pass-through current sensor capable of measuring large currents of up to 2000 A AC/DC with a high degree of [...]

HIOKI HiCorder MR8880-20 For Automotive Clutch Evaluation Testing

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Automotive Clutch & Its Functionality An automotive clutch is a mechanical device in motor vehicles to engage and disengage the running engine to the wheel during gear shifting [1] without the need to switch off the engine. There are three types of torque transmission clutch– frictional, hydraulic and positive (or dog) clutch [2]. The mechanical friction [...]

Exploring the CM4141 and CM4142

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Industrial Automation Asia (IAA) recently featured the CM4141 and CM4142 in their product highlights.  Take a look at their comments and get to know what this leading publication has to say about the latest from Hioki.   Line of Clamp Meters Further Extended to Boost Ease of Use   Hioki E.E. Corporation launched AC Clamp Meter [...]

Investigating the Cause of Tripped Circuit Breakers at Construction Sites

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Circuit Breakers Trip Not only for Electrical Reasons Electrical panels contain circuit breakers designed to trip and stop the flow of current to specific circuits and appliances if there is a fault or an overload to the system in order to protect the circuit from damage.  However, breakers are also known to trip when there is [...]

Get 15% off the CM4374 only between 2/17 & 2/23/19 for National Engineer’s Week 2019!

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Hioki is celebrating National Engineer's Week here in the U.S. with 15% off the CM4374 . The CM4374 is the product that delivers for your all your clamp meter requirements.  It’s a 2000A True RMS clamp meter that features stronger jaws, broader -25℃ to 65℃ operating temperature range and IP54 dustproof and waterproof enclosure to enable professionals to [...]

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