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Hioki Bundles Battery Tester BT3554 with Pin Type Lead L2020

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New Additions to the BT3554 Lineup Deliver Greater Convenience and Efficiency October 3, 2018 - Nagano, Japan -- Hioki is pleased to announce the availability of the Battery Tester BT3554-10 and BT3554-11 (with Bluetooth® wireless communication), which bundle the two versions of the Battery Tester BT3554 with the Pin Type Lead L2020, a test probe with [...]

The Top Five Most Asked Questions About Calibration

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Mark Johnston, from Industrial Automation Asia (IAA), spoke with Mitsuo Shimizu, Assistant Manager, and Yoshinori Sato, Manager, Quality Assurance Department, Hioki Corporation on the top five most asked questions about calibration. Their insightful article follows. Hioki electrical measuring instruments are comprised of four product groups: automatic test equipment, data recording equipment, electronic measuring instruments, and field [...]

Hioki Best Seller: The PW3365’s dedicated voltage sensors delivered the world’s first no-metal contact measurement. Eliminates the risk of short circuits & electrical accidents while offering unsurpassed accuracy!

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Get all the details on the PW3365 here! In 2014, Hioki announced the launch of the Clamp On Power Logger PW3365, the world’s first instrument capable of measuring power safely and accurately without requiring the operator to make contact with a metal conductor. Hioki developed the PW3365, the world’s first power meter to allow operators to [...]

HIOKI makes your job safer & easer. Take a look at our latest news:

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Coming in October 2018, the new CM4375 features current sensors designed to fit easily around cables in confined spaces. Hioki is pleased to announce the launch of the AC/DC Clamp Meter CM4375 and CM4376. Regular maintenance and management are essential in order to keep electrical equipment operating properly in buildings and manufacturing plants. Measuring [...]

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