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SM-8215 Megohmmeter
Super Digital Megohmmeter

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Super megohm meter SM-8215

Meas. voltages : 50 - 1,000V DC (5ranges)

Meas. range : 0.25 - 2 x 107MΩ (6ranges)

Digital/analogue display on LCD

Super insulation meter of standard type : 50 - 1,000V DC

Compatible with insulation resistive meter for export approved products

Equipped with charge-discharge function (standard spec)

Equipped with timer, remote starter, comparator & HV-EN function (standard spec)

Compatible for measurement of several sample types with electrode & other devices

Basic specifications

Measuring voltage &

Measuring range

50V 2.5x105 to 1x1012Ω 2.5x105 to 1x1012Ω 2.5x105 to 1x1015Ω

100V 5x105 to 2x1012Ω 5x105 to 2x1012Ω 5x105 to 2x1015Ω

250V 1.25x106 to 5x1012Ω 1.25x106 to 5x1015Ω

500V 2.5x106 to 1x1013Ω 2.5x106 to 1x1016Ω

1,000V 5x106 to 2x1013Ω 5x106 to 2x1016Ω

Accuracy of measuring voltage 3% of setting voltage value

Output current Max. Max. 2mA

Measuring accuracy 10% (within 10 times range of min. value on each range at 20C ), but 20% at 108 range of SM-8220

Display LCD (digital & analog display)

Standard function timer, comparator (alarm), remote start, HV-EN, RS-232C

Ambient temperature 5 to 35C

Ambient humidity less than 85%RH

Power Source 100V, 120V, 220V, 240VAC 10%, but max. 250VAC, 50/60Hz

Power consumption approx.25VA

Dimensions approx.284(w) x 139(h) x 215(d) mm

Weight approx.4.3kgs

Standard accessories: measuring rod(red & black) 1 pair, power code 1pc., instruction manual 1copy

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