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PW 6001 Power Analyzer
DC to 2MHz Power Efficiency Analyzer

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Category:Power Meters & Demand/Quality Analyzers

Basic accuracy of 0.02%*1 for power measurement (*1 PW6001 accuracy only. Instrument delivers accuracy of 0.07% even after the current sensor accuracy has been added.)

High noise resistance and stability (80 dB/100 kHz CMRR, 0.01%/C temperature characteristics)

Accurate measurement even when the load is characterized by large fluctuations; TrueHD 18-bit resolution

10 ms data refresh while maintaining maximum accuracy (using a specially designed IC to make all measurements independently while performing simultaneous calculations.)

DC basic accuracy of 0.07%, which is key for stable, accurate efficiency measurement

Broad frequency band and sampling that are 10 times better than those of legacy models

Synchronize 2 units for up to 12 channels*2 in real time

*2 Two 6-channel models can be connected with an optical connection cable (over a max. length of 500 m) to enable numerical and waveform synchronization.

Special triggers to enable waveform analysis and motor analysis without the need for an oscilloscope

Wideband harmonic analysis up to the 100th order with a 1.5 MHz band
Measurement line type

Single-phase 2-wire, single-phase 3-wire, three-phase 3-wire, three-phase 4-wire

Number of input channels

Max. 6 channels; each input unit provides 1 channel for simultaneous voltage and current input

(Voltage measurement unit: Photoisolated input, resistance voltage divider, Current measurement unit: Isolated input from current sensor)

Measurement items

Voltage (U), current (I), active power (P), apparent power (S), reactive power (Q), power factor (λ), phase angle (φ), frequency (f), efficiency (η), loss (Loss), voltage ripple factor (Urf), current ripple factor (Irf), current integration (Ih), power integration (WP), voltage peak (Upk), current peak (Ipk)

Harmonic measurement: Harmonic active power, select calculation order

from 2nd order to 100th order

Waveform recording: Voltage and current waveforms/ Motor pulse: Always 5 MS/s

Motor waveforms: Always 50 kS/s, 16 bits

Recording capacity: 1 Mword ((voltage + current) number of channels + motor


Motor analysis (PW6001-11 to -16 only): Voltage, Torque, Rotation, Frequency, Slip, or Motor output

Measurement range

Voltage range: 6 to 1500 V, 8 ranges

Current range (Probe 1) : 400 mA to 1 kA (depends on current sensor)

Current range (Probe 2) : 100 mA to 50 kA (depends on current sensor)

Power range: 2.40000W to 4.50000MW (depends on combination of voltage and current range)

Frequency range: 0.1 Hz to 2 MHz

Basic accuracy

Voltage: 0.02 % rdg. 0.02 % f.s.

Current: 0.02 % rdg. 0.02 % f.s. + current sensor accuracy

Active power: 0.02 % rdg. 0.03 % f.s. + current sensor accuracy

Synchronization frequency range

Power measurement: 0.1 Hz to 2 MHz

Harmonic measurement: 45 Hz to 66 Hz (IEC standard mode), 0.1 Hz to 300 kHz (Wideband mode)

Frequency band

DC, 0.1 Hz to 2 MHz

Data update rate

Power measurement: 10 ms/ 50 ms/ 200 ms

Harmonic measurement: 200 ms (IEC standard mode), 50 ms (Wideband mode

Data save interval

OFF, 10 msec to 500 msec, 1 sec to 30 sec, 1 minute to 60 minutes

User-selected from all measured values, including harmonic measured values,

Specified measured values can be saved in internal memory or USB flash drive

External interfaces

USB (memory), LAN, GP-IB, RS-232C, External control ,Synchronization control

Power supply

100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 200 VA max

Dimensions and mass

430 mm (16.93 in)W 177 mm (6.97 in)H 450 mm (17.72 in)D, 14 kg (49.4 oz) (PW6001-16)


Instruction Manual 1, Power cord 1, D-sub connector 1 (PW6001-1x only)

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