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LR5011 Temperature Logger -FMI
Compact Temperature Logger

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Category:Compact Loggers

Measure Temperature with External Sensor

Easily mount the light-weight , pocket-sized loggers in tight spaces

Easy-to-see dual display

Transfer data to PC even during recording

Replace batteries while recording(30 second limit)

Record 60,000 data per channel

Record without missing fluctuations in STAT mode

Measurement data is preserved even after the battery dies

Worry-free backup preserves recorded data even if a new measurement is started by mistake
Basic specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)

Features Temperature measurement with external temperature sensor. Select the sensor according to the measurement object

Measurement items Temperature 1ch

Measurement range -40.0C to 180C

*Depends on measurement range of sensor.

Basic Accuracy 0.5C(at 0C to 35C )

Waterproof and dustproof IP54 (splash-proof construction)

Operating temperature and humidity -20C(-4F) to 70C(158F) , 80%rh or less (non-condensating)

Dimensions & Mass Approx. 79mm(3.11in)W57mm(2.24in) H28mm(1.10in)D, 105g(3.7oz)

Power supply LR6 (AA) Alkaline battery 1.5V1

Battery life Case 1 : Approx. 2 years

(1min. recording interval, power-saving mode, Instantaneous recording, environmental temp.20C)

Case 2: Approx. 2 months

(1sec. recording interval, power-saving mode, Instantaneous recording, environmental temp.20C)

Accessories LR6 (AA) Alkaline battery 1.5V1,Kickstand, Instruction manual 1, Operation manual1
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