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IM3523 LCR Meter
LCR Meter IM3523

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Category:LCR & Impedance Analyzer

LCR Meter IM3523,IM3533,IM3533-01. Cost effective.


l A single device can perform measurements at high speed under

multiple conditions.

(C-D + ESR measurement and L + DCR measurement)

l Optimal measurement conditions can be set automatically according

to the test sample so switching between setups is a snap.
Basic Accuracy: .08%rdg.

Measurment Frequency: 40Hz to 200kHz

Measurement Signal Level: 5mV to 5V

Measurement Time: 2ms

Comparator: Two Items

BIN Measurement: 10 Categories

Cable Length: 1 Meter

Display: Monochrome LCD

USB Standard

RS232C, GP-IB, LAN Optional
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