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DSM-8104 HTI Digital Super Megohmmeter
Ultra-High Resistance/Ultra-Low Current Meter

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Download Brochure

Measurement voltage : DC 0.1 - 1,000 V

Measurement range : 1 x 107 - 3 x 1016 Ω

Measures insulation resistance of capacitive/highly speed with high accuracy

High resolution current measurements of 0.1 fA

Histogram display of selected results

GP-IB, RS-232, Handler interface equipped as standard - optional LAN interface also available

Full range of electrodes to suit all types of measurements

Basic specifications:

Measurement range

DC Measurement Capability

Current Measurement

Measurement Maximum display Resolution Accuracy

Range Name

10pA 9.9999pA 0.1fA (3.0% of rdg+1.2% of range)

100pA 99.999pA 1.0fA (1.5% of rdg+0.6% of range)

1nA 999.99pA 10fA (0.6% of rdg+0.6% of range)

10nA 9.9999nA 100fA (0.4% of rdg+0.5% of range)

100nA 99.999nA 1pA (0.4% of rdg+0.5% of range)

1A 999.99nA 10pA (0.4% of rdg+0.5% of range)

10A 9.9999A 100pA (0.4% of rdg+0.5% of range)

100A 999999A 1nA (0.4% of rdg+0.5% of range)

Resistance Measurement Capability (1,000V measure voltage)

Resistance Measurement

Range of Measurement Measurement Range Name Fundamental Accuracy

1x1014 - 3x1016 (Open-circuit) 10pA 4.0% of rdg

1x1013 - 1x1014 100pA 4.0% of rdg

1x1012 - 1x1013 1nA 2.0% of rdg

1x1011 - 1x1012 10nA 0.8% of rdg

1x1010 - 1x1011 100nA 0.6% of rdg

1x109 - 1x1010 1A 0.6% of rdg

1x108 - 1x109 10A 0.6% of rdg

1x105 - 1x107 100A 0.6% of rdg

Measurement Time Setting

Delay 0 - 9,999ms

Sampling Time 2 - 300ms

Voltage Generator

Setting Voltage Accuracy and Resolution

Setting Voltage Range Resolution Accuracy

0.1 to 250.0V 100mV (0.1% of setting + 150mV)

251 to 1,000V 1V (0.1% of setting + 400mV)

Current Limiter

Setting Voltage Range Current Limit Value

0.1 to 250.0V 50mA



251 to 1,000V 10mA


Measurement Check Function

Voltage Monitor, Contact Check Function,

Other Function :Comparator Measurement, Deviation/Percentage Measurement, Surface/Volume Resistivity Measurement

Interface GP-IB, RS-232C, LAN (Option), Handler Interface

Power Supply AC100V (115V, 220V, 240V factory option), 10%50/60Hz

Approx. 55VA

Dimension, mass Approx. 332W x 89(H x 450D mm Approx. 6.7kg

Accessories Power cord (1) (Measurement leads are optional.)

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