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9661 Clamp On Probe -HTI
500 AC Clamp On Sensor

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Category:Clamp On Sensors

Clamp-on Sensors for the POWER QUALITY ANALYZER 3196, 3197 and CLAMP ON POWER HiTESTER 3169

For input up to AC 500A, select our Model 9661, and for smaller currents of up to AC 100A, select Model 9660. Both sensors are designed with a safety barrier to protect the user from being in direct contact with live conductors and completely meet all CE marking requirements.

Rated input current 500 A AC

Rated output current 0.5 V AC

Accuracy (at 45 to 66 Hz) Amplitude: 0.5 % rdg. 0.2 % f.s. , Full scale (f.s.) is the 3196 range value,

Phase: 0.5 or less

Frequency characteristics 66 Hz to 5 kHz (1 % or less from accuracy)

Max. allowable input continuous 550 A rms (45 to 66 Hz)

Max. circuit voltage 600 V AC rms (insulated wire)

Core jaw dia. 46 mm(1.81 in)

Dimensions, mass 77 mm(3.03 in)W 151 mm(5.94 in)H 42 mm(1.65 in)D, 360 g (12.7 oz), cord length: 3 m(9.84 ft)

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