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9335 Memory Recorders -HTI
PC Software for Memory Recorders

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Display, Convert, Calculate, and Print Waveforms with a PC

Use Windows application software to display, convert, calculate and print large volumes of waveform data on a PC.

The WAVE PROCESSOR 9335 is application software for Windows that enables users to display, print, convert, and calculate on large volumes of waveform data that has been recorded and collected by instruments in the MEMORY HiCORDER Series. In addition to being able to handle data recorded by existing MEMORY HiCORDERs, the 9335 can also handle in excess of 1GB of waveform data recorded by the 8855 MEMORY HiCORDER. This new PC application also includes functions for checking and analyzing measured results, such as conditional search, numeric calculations, and cursor measurement.

Distribution media One CD-R

Operating environment Operating environment: Computer equipped with Pentium (133 MHz) or better CPU and at least 32 MB of memory, and running under Windows 95/98/Me or Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP (recommended system: Pentium (200 MHz) or better with at least 64 MB of memory)

Functions Display functions: Waveform display/X-Y display/digital value display/cursor function/scroll function/maximum number of channels (32 channels analog, 32 channels logic)/gauge display (time, voltage axes)/graphical display

File loading: Readable data formats (.MEM, .REC, .RMS)/Maximum loadable file size: Maximum file size that can be saved by a given device (file size may be limited depending on the computer configuration)

Data conversion: Conversion to DSV format, tab delimited, space delimited/data culling (simple)/convert for specified channel/batch conversion of multiple files

Print functions: Print formatting (1 up, 2-to-16 up, 2-to-16 rows, X-Y 1-to-4 up/preview/hard copy/functions usable on any printer supported by operating system

Other: Parameter calculation/search/clipboard copy/launching of other applications

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